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Insane Games

3065 NY-50
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


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5 reviews from our community

Wilton mall seems to be dying but Insane Games is growing in getting more stuff cool

Decent selection, glad a video game store is back in the mall.

Trade ins are above game stop but nothing spectacular

Great Pop selection, Chases and POP's that aint in circulation!
Some of the workers very quiet,

But they stand by there prices and provide good service.

Extreamly poor business practices at management level.

I made a puchace in upwards of $300 on 6/1 with the selling point of the game i was looking for could be ordered and shipped to store ready for pickup approximately 3 days from point of purchase.

After 2 weeks from point of purchase and being told at 2 separate occasions the game would be in (1 over phone, 1 in person) i decided to go in store to request my money back for the game I'd ordered and never received, also to have the game controller i was sold replaced because it wouldn't take a charge. 6/19

I did receive a replacement controller, in store staff was very friendly and helpful to the best of their ability.

Now as far as the game refund is concerned, management was called due to the in store staff being unable to handle such a task.

When told the game would be in the following day with the store owner, I advised them i had already gone ahead and purchased the game elsewhere due to it being 2 weeks since they were supposed to have had it in store for me and would simply like my money returned for the item I'd never received.

This is when, over the phone, security was being threatened against us, the store ratings being boasted about and all around general rudeness pursued from the general manager/co owner, Dan Shevlin.

All because we simply wanted the money returned for an item that we had been promised weeks before.

We were offered only in store credit, for a product that has never even touched my hands, that gave them a sale of close to $300 (game itself was less than $35)

After the phone call it seemed the staff in store were even more baffled by what had transpired, especially the threat of security being called, than we were.

I will never shop at this store, insane games in Wilton Mall, again nor will i ever advise any of my peers to do so after this horrific lack of professionalism.

On monday 5/28, i went to this game store in the mall called Insane Games. I bought a completely new and sealed copy of Farcry 5 and did not open it or even touch it until wednesday night 5/30. The game did not work out of the package and in fact told me the error that my disc was dirty or damaged. I called the store immediately and was told to "bring it in and we will swap it out." After work today 5/31, I called again to say that I would be in ASAP. I was told firstly that "I could bring it in" and then "I couldnt bring it in due to their policy." So now I have a defective game and did not receive reimbursement for my game.

I spoke to three representatives for the Insane Games company as well as the person who sold me the game. They all directed me to Microsoft and Ubisoft to try and have a new copy of the game sent to me. I spoke to three representatives from Microsoft and am on hold for a representative at Ubisoft but that was all from my efforts.

I WILL NO LONGER BE SHOPPING AT INSANE GAMES. They refused my refund and told me that as soon as they sell it, it is worthless to them. They told me that they are only a middle man and any interactions with the manufacturer would only happen if i were to do it myself. Their customer service was terrible over the phone and they stood by their "policy" despite the fact that they sold me a paper weight. Events

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