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7 Hot Fall Trends in Saratoga for 2017

As summer fades into the past, it's time to look forward into autumn! Have you put together your fall fashion shopping list yet? Here's what to look for!

1) Fun with Fur

a brown fur coat

If you love donning that rich fur coat, now is the time! Fur is in style this season, so get stylish and comfy as you protect yourself from that chilly Saratoga fall breeze.

2) Perfect Plaid

a baby blue plaid top

Plaid is nothing new - most of us probably have something plaid in our closets. Now is the time to break that out and reinvent this fun style! Try a simple plaid top with a color that pops, or even a plaid jacket over a plain top.

3) Bold Reds

a red top with a collar

If you're looking for the official fall color for 2017, it's red! Preferably a solid, powerful red that really makes a statement. Don't hide behind netural or soft tones this season - be bold!

4) Flattering Western-Style Apparel

a brown leather cowboy boot

Channel your inner cowboy this fall because western-style apparel is in! Bonus tip: Check out Double M Western Store for the best western-style clothing and accessories.

5) Flirty Floral Prints

a flower patterned top

Florals aren't always in fashion, but this year, they are! Rock out your floral print items you've been hiding in the back of the closet for a nice switch from solid colors. Small, yet bold floral patterns can be fun, as can larger prints.

6) Sophisticated Skirts

a woman's knee-length leather skirt, she's carrying a black purse and black sunglasses

Rock those knee-length skirts this season! Mid-length skirts keep it modest yet fun as you're out and about in Saratoga. Bonus: Fishnet is also in season this year, as shown in the picture above. Just remember to keep fishnet to a minimum if you choose to experiment with that look - less is more!

7) Chunky Belts

a chuncky black belt wrapped around a black and gray dress

Push the thin, strappy belts to the back of the closet or dresser drawer and break out the wide, chunky belts! These belts look excellent wrapped around a cute dress.

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