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7 Hot Fall Trends in Saratoga for 2019

As summer fades into the past, it's time to look forward into autumn! Have you put together your fall fashion shopping list yet? Here's what to look for.

Please Note: We are currently updating our details for 2019. Below, you can still view info from 2018 for an idea of what to expect. Stay tuned for further updates!

1) Animal Print

a woman in a leopard print dress

Channel your inner cheetah or zebra this fall with some eye-popping animal print clothing. Since this is a louder style than most, you'll want to let the animal print stand alone. Pair an animal print top or dress with black shoes and minimal jewelry.

2) Hoods

a girl in a navy blue hoodie

Get comfy ladies, because hoods are in this fall! Autumn can get pretty chilly in Saratoga Springs, so this is a perfect excuse to pull your favorite hoodie out of the closet. Hooded sweaters work as well.

3) Magenta

a magenta background

Last year's primary fall color was a bold red. This year we're going a little softer and a bit more feminine with magenta. Magenta is a soothing but also vibrant color that you can don while out and about this autumn.

4) Modesty

a woman leaning against a car with a white sweater zipped up high

You heard that right - modesty is in style this fall. Don't want to show any skin? Don't have to. Think high necklines, long skirts and dresses, and flowy scarves. As with hoods, this is another convenient trend for us here in Saratoga Springs, where we often need to cover up to protect against that crisp autumn air.

5) Chunky & Funky Sneakers

chunky blue sneakers

Did you ever own platform sneakers back in the day? While those haven't quite made an appearance back on the fashion scene yet, this fall their cousins chunky sneakers are in. Don't be afraid to get a little funky with your footwear this season.

6) Western Boots

black leather ankle boots

Western-style boots are in, as are ankle boots. No need to pull knee-length boots up this fall when you've got these chic boots that are easy to just slide right into. Pair with a casual or a more dressed up outfit.

Pro tip: Double M Western Store in nearby Ballston Spa has an excellent selection!

7) Printed Clutches

close up of a woman holding a clutch with a floral pattern

Put away the big, baggy purses and break out the clutches. Specifically, printed clutches. Make your purse your pop of color and pattern, pairing with a simple, monocramatic top. Clutches are usually one solid color, so this is a fun way to mix up your accessories.

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