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Caring On-Site Staff & Professional Pet Boarding You Can Count On at Windy Mountain Kennels

Sometimes its just not possible to bring our pets with us when we travel, and it can be stressful to leave them behind. You can start to worry that your furry, four-legged family member will not be properly cared for at a pet boarding kennel. You want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt they will be provided for just as you would care for them.

Windy Mountain Kennels, located close to Saratoga in Granville, can provide this elevated level of care. Read on to find out why this is the professional, caring pet kennel you'll rely on again and again.

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A Caring, On-Site Staff 24/7

The majority of kennels you'll come across have employees like any other business and at the end of the day, those employees go home to their families. At Windy Mountain Kennels, the kennel is the owners' home and the pets boarded there are like their family. Sandra Keeley runs the business with her son and her granddaughter, and they all live right on site.

"It's not like other kennels where people go home," Keeley explained to us. "We're here, and we make sure [the pets] are okay around the clock."

Of course, it's not enough that the business has an on-site staff 24/7. They have to be able and willing to provide the care that we'd expect our animals to receive at home - and they do.

Going Above & Beyond

Comfort, health, and happiness is the name of the game at Windy Mountain Kennels. Keeley ensures each space is properly cleaned and sanitized, and that the animals have plenty of space.

The kennels are located on Keeley's scenic, family-owned, five-acre property. Dogs have access to a doggy door that leads to a spacious outdoor area, cats get their own "cat condos" complete with a scratching post and litter box, and all you need to do is to bring your pet's favorite bed and toys.

All pets boarded at Windy Mountain Kennels have plenty of room to spread out, romp, and play. There is even a large basketball court on the property where they can get all of that energy out.

Don't worry about them running away, though - the property has excellent security with six-foot high fencing. When they are indoors, pets are in air conditioned or heated rooms where they are pampered and showered with attention and love.

If you need to go out of town for a longer period of time, or perhaps your trip is extended for unforeseen reasons, Windy Mountain Kennels can work with you - there is no limit to how long an animal is boarded with them. They have one dog that repeatedly stays month-to-month, while others are just boarded overnight.

Finally, just one more way Windy Mountain Kennels outperforms the competition is that they send out pictures to the pet owners every Tuesday and Thursday so they can see how their canine and feline companions are doing. And, clients are encouraged to call at any time.

Experienced Caregivers

Windy Mountain Kennels has been in business since 2008, when they began selling Bernese Mountain Dogs. In the past several years they've expanded to include boarding as well. Now, they have close to two dozen kennels for dogs and three for cats.

In addition, the Keeley family owns their own dogs they have on site, and they care for and love the animals boarding with them just as much as the ones who reside with them full-time.

When it comes to professional, overnight pet boarding in Saratoga, you can put your trust in the caring on-site staff at Windy Mountain Kennels. They know pets, they love them, and they will care for yours as if they are their own.

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