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Saratoga Springs - Disney Style!

Walt Disney World Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa ExteriorPlanning a visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida? For those of us who just can't get enough of Saratoga, now you can stay in the Mouse's House and enjoy a taste of Saratoga living!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... In a tribute to the world-wide appeal of historic Saratoga Springs, Walt Disney World Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa is designed to resemble an original lakeside retreat of the rich and famous. A millionaires' vacation destination at the turn of the century, Saratoga is reflected in some of the buildings in the Disney resort that resemble actual Saratoga landmarks. At its opening in 2004, then-mayor Lenz was on hand to pour a pitcher of Saratoga Springs water into the pool for the official opening of the facility.

Saratoga Springs is world-famous for its rejuvenating environment, with luxurious natural mineral baths and lavish, healthful spa treatments. Disney's spa theme, "Health Through Water" includes full spa treatments with massage, facials, body wraps, etc. Keeping in touch with its loyal following, the resort's spa also offers pedicures and facials for little guests ages 4-12, and the resort's swimming pool is intended to resemble the rocks and waterfalls that recall the natural mineral springs.

mineral spring at Disney's Saratoga resortDisney went to some degree to lend an authentic air to their Saratoga Springs Resort, designed to recreate the historical elegance of our very own Saratoga. The exterior resembles grand homes and summer retreats of the 1800's, and familiar names like Congress Park and The Paddock are found throughout the buildings. Architectural and period settings are part of the guest room ambiance, and the resort lobby is graced with a gaily painted Saratoga-themed carousel horse. There is artwork referencing the area's famous locations, and the food court carries the theme through with Saratoga-inspired specialties. The famous Peppermint Pig, designed to bring good luck during the holiday season, is sold there year-round. Of course, authentic Saratoga bottled water is available as well.

Although Disney Saratoga Springs Resort in Florida and the city of Saratoga Springs may share the same name and even some other similarities, visitors and residents of the original Saratoga Springs have no problem deciding where they want to call home!