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Battle of Saratoga County Pizza Shops: Who Has the Best Pizza?

Discover 14 Superior Places for Pizza

From thin crust to deep dish, we've scoured the Google reviews of dozens of pizza shops and restaurants known for their pizza within Saratoga County, to highlight these 14 businesses that stood out for their ultra pleasing pies.

Reviews shared below are from within the last year. Do you agree with the reviews? Who would you add to this list? Keep reading to see which restaurants we're featuring - and what makes their pizza uniquely special.

9 Miles East: Sourdough Crust, Hot Honey Pizza & Gluten Free Pizza

collage of different types of pizza

9 Miles East is a farm in Northumberland, and also a cafe in Saratoga Springs, where they are known for their award-winning sourdough crust pizza and farm-fresh toppings to write home about.

Pizza is the most talked about element of 9 Miles Farm on Google reviews, where people said:

  • "Best pizza ever! Portobello, red peppers, pesto, and extra cheese. Combined with the sourdough crust, it was amazing."
  • "We love their Barnyard Pizza with extra sausage, pepperoni, light on the sauce, and cheese!"
  • "Pizza is incredible, Hot Honey Pizza is a must."
  • "That sourdough crust is heavenly, and if you get a chance to try a pizza with hot honey I highly recommend it!"
  • "This place serves a gluten free pizza that is the same size as a normal NY-style large pizza would be, so that you don't feel cheated having to pay more for a smaller pizza just because you can't eat gluten."
  • "The sourdough crust is amazing, everything here is super fresh and delicious! Highly recommend!"
  • "Excellent thin crust (NY-style) pizza. The best I've found in the Saratoga area. Sausage was a big hit."
  • "The pizza was 18" and massive. Homemade, with sourdough base. And a hot honey sauce. Scrumptious."
  • "Pizza was very large and great bread/crust."

Bucciero's Pizzeria: Great Pizza, Generous Staff & Charming Atmosphere

different types of pizza on display
Photos provided

Located in Stillwater, locals flock to Bucciero's Pizzeria not just for the pizza, but also for the people and the good vibes.

Here's what recent Google reviewers said:

  • "They have the best boneless wings in the game and the pizza is fantastic every time."
  • "Continuously the best pizzeria in the Mechanicville/Stillwater area. Phenomenal customer service, attentive to details, and willing to contribute to our communities in many ways."
  • "There aren't too many places you can walk into for the first time and feel like family. Joey and his wife put their heart and soul into everything they cook and into the community as a whole. Incredible food, even better people."
  • "Atmosphere the minute you walk in the door is like being with your own family."
  • "Great food, fast delivery, great prices."
  • "The sauce is made in house and it's really good. I wish I could buy a jar of it."
  • "Love the vibe in this place, it's got an old school charm with new school vibe."
  • "I order here on a regular basis. Everything is amazing from the food to the service - my go-to spot for pizza."

Caputo's Pizzeria: The Largest Variety of Gourmet Pizzas Around

Caputo's Pizzeria in Saratoga not only offers up a wide variety of different kinds of pizzas, but they also serve up huge slices.

Here's what the reviewers rave about:

  • "Fast service and slices are huge."
  • "By far the best Buffalo Chicken slices."
  • "Caputo's of Saratoga is home to my favorite pizza in the area! The crust is delicious and thin, but not too thin. Ordering slices at the counter, there are so many choices, and the slices are huge."
  • "Love this Brooklyn-style pizza! I had a slice of Meat Lovers and split a slice of Meatball and Ricotta. Will definitely be making this a regular stop."
  • "Half pepperoni and half meatball pizza was perfect (with extra cheese!). Meatball slices are the real deal, not just some crumbles. Excellent quality at a reasonable price!"
  • "We have ordered 50 pizzas over the last few years and fed people from seven states and three different counties. Everyone loves this pizza."

Classic Crust Restaurant & Mobile Catering: Unique Options Like Pickle Pizza & Super Friendly Staff

pickle pizza on the left, pepperoni on the right
Photos provided

Classic Crust Restaurant, located in Clifton Park, specializes in wood-fired pizza made your way.

Google reviewers love the unique varieties of pizza, and the staff that serves it:

  • "Loved everything about this place! The food is amazing, our server Jillian was outstanding, and the atmosphere is great with a really cool vibe. Can't wait to go back!"
  • "Awesome pizza and a cool little place. . .Wickle Pickle Pizza is a personal favorite."
  • "This place is amazing. . .Outstanding service, food, quality, and prices. . .the Crab Rangoon Pizza was on point."
  • "We ordered the veggie pizza as well as the cheese. Both were excellent and the crust was done perfectly!"
  • "Ordered the pickle pizza. Delish all around. Love wood-fired pizza done right. Had a great time. Good food. Lively crowd and fun people. Stop here for a great experience and exceptional service."
  • "We were so impressed with the waitstaff. . .the pizza was excellent. Well-made, tender crust with a char making it delicious."
  • "Excellent wood-fired pizza! Quality ingredients from toppings to the crust."

Clifton Park Pizza Shop: 40 Years of Outstanding Pizza

rectangular pepperoni pizza in box
Photo provided

Clifton Park Pizza Shop has been serving up sensational pies to the Clifton Park community for over 40 years.

Here's what reviewers had to say about this long-standing pizza shop:

  • "The pizza was the best we have ever had anywhere."
  • "Longstanding traditional pizza takeout situated in a sea of pizza parlors."
  • "This hole in the wall serves up some good pizza. It's takeout only."
  • "I've eaten pizza all around the world. This has been one of the best pizzas I have ever had. Quick service and great people. Very highly recommended, well done!"
  • "Really great. Nice flavor. Big slices."
  • "They have the best pizza around in my opinion. The ingredients, the flavor, and the perfect amount of crisp in the crust."
  • "Great pizza, friendly service, and amazing prices."
  • "If you want the best pizza you've ever had in your life, and a pile of great tasting chicken wings that'll make your cardiologist angry, this is the place to go!"

Napoli's Pizzeria: New York-Style Pizza With Ultra Fresh Ingredients Plus Grandma's Pie

different kinds of pizza on display
Photo provided

When it comes to creating the perfect pizza, Napoli's Pizzeria in Malta knows that you must start with the ingredients, and that's what keeps the patrons coming back. The Grandma's Pie is a fan favorite!

Here's what reviewers gush about here:

  • "For those of you who are pizza snobs like I am, I could taste the difference in the cheese on my first bite; this was the real deal."
  • "Omg my new favorite pizza place. Seriously the best pizza I've had in a very, very, very long time."
  • "Great pizza. My first try of New York-style pizza. I see what people are talking about."
  • "Great pizza. Lots of cheese. Great crust. I've tried quite a few pizza places in the Malta, NY area and Napoli is the best. Just like my neighborhood pizza from many moons ago."
  • "Amazing pizza! Best customer service in the area and food."
  • "The Grandma's Pie is truly to die for! You must try it at least once."
  • "The Grandma's Pie is the best slice I've ever had in my life. I eat tons of pizza at different places around the country due to my occupation and Napoli's is second to none."

Paulie's Pizza: For the Fair Prices & Thin Crust

three different kinds of pizza
Photos provided

Paulie's Pizza, which has a location in Schenectady as well as Clifton Park, will satisfy anyone looking for that New York-style pie, and you can't beat the prices.

Reviewers had the following to say about Paulie's in Clifton Park:

  • "Paulie's pizza is always made to be just right. After having a piece, your stomach feels good, and the pizza is excellent. Reasonably priced and fast."
  • "Always great service. The only pizza we will get in our area."
  • "I was so happy to finally find a place with delicious pizza, and the wings are great!"
  • "Amazing slices of pizza."
  • "Best thin crust I had in awhile. Both thumbs up."
  • "Best pizza I have had by far in the Clifton Park area."
  • "Great pizza, great service, great prices. Owners are very friendly people."
  • "Always been amazing every time I go there, and I almost always go with the Buffalo Chicken Pizza."
  • "Best pizza around! Hands down, taste, quality, and price."

Pope's Pizza: New York-Style Pizza With an Ultra Perfect Crust & Sauce

collage of different kinds of pizza
Photos provided

Pope's Pizza in Saratoga serves up to-die-for New York-Style pizza, just make sure you bring cash with you! (No credit cards.)

Here's what folks love about Pope's Pizza:

  • "An old school, family owned and operated pizza place. Very good pizza, nice and crispy."
  • "The best pizza in Saratoga Springs, NY."
  • "Best crust in Upstate NY!"
  • "Absolutely hands down the best pizza around!. . .I love their sauce. . .a little sweet and not as 'herby' as some places. Perfect crust too."
  • "Great pizza! Very cute atmosphere!"
  • "The staff is amazing. Their pizza and bread were deliciously outstanding and I highly recommend coming here."
  • "The pizza is delicious, one of the best I've had. The crust is thin but crispy, the sauce tasty."
  • "The pizza is amazing! From one day to the next, pizza quality does not differ."
  • "The pizza was what New York pizza should be."

Primavera Pizza: Lots of Choices, Great Prices & A Thin, Crisp Crust

pizzas in a display case
Photo provided

Take your pick from 28 different kinds of specialty pizzas (or customize your own toppings) at Primavera Pizza in Clifton Park.

Reviewers love the prices and the super clean restaurant, too:

  • "Ordered three slices of cheese pizza and a bottled water for $10.50! Are you kidding me? It was delicious. I felt like I was in NYC. Tons of options for pizzas."
  • "Best pizza in the Capital District. Crust is perfectly mouthfeel crispy but not overcooked, and the sauce isn't overpowering, and the toppings on pies and apps are loaded."
  • "Great pizza. . .the crust is outta sight."
  • "We got a plain cheese and pepperoni and we really enjoyed every bite. What really tickled my tastebuds was the sauce. It was nicely balanced and flavored, and really was the star of the pizza. Enjoy!"
  • "This is the best pizza place in all of the Capital District! It's real Italian-style pizza! The place is always clean and the owners/staff and delivery drivers are super friendly!"
  • "We don't order out pizza a lot, but we will, most definitely, be ongoing customers."
  • "Simply the best local pizza place, unparalleled food quality."
  • "So many pies to choose from. I got bacon and pepperoni and was not disappointed. Prices are fair."
  • "Pepperoni pizza was very crispy and delicious! Restaurant itself was clean with quick and fast service."
  • "Probably the best pizza I've had in 10 years."

Rocco's Pizzeria: For the Large Portions & Top Notch Customer Service

Rocco's Pizzeria has locations in Glens Falls, Lake Luzerne, and Corinth, but we're focusing on the Saratoga County location today - although all three have great reviews!

Here's what reviewers said about the Corinth shop:

  • "Wow! Is their pizza delicious!"
  • "I like this restaurant, it's so good. The pizza, garlic knots, and garlic bread are really good."
  • "My favorite local pizza place!! Best deliver drivers I've ever experienced."
  • "Went camping and was driving through, decided to stop for pizza before the ride home. Did not regret it. Food came out delicious! Great atmosphere and service. Highly recommend!"
  • "The pizza had a delicious crust - honestly one of the best I've ever eaten."
  • "Got a stromboli and it was absolutely delicious! Pizza is really good too!"
  • "This pizza shop has been around for over 20 years! Now they have so much more than pizza and everything is so good! The portions are huge and the prices are spot on. I love their Bacon Bleu Pizza too."
  • "New to the area-ish and this will be my new pizza place. Tried others in the area but there is no comparison. Pizza is impressive, portions are great, wings are the best. Very happy customer here!"
  • "Great customer service and great people, wings and pizza were delicious!"

Upper Crust Pizzeria: It's All About the Crust, the Sauce & The People

Upper Crust Pizzeria in Clifton Park is described as an "unassuming pit stop" for pizza, wings, pasta, and more Italian fare.

Here's what the people are saying:

  • "Ordered pickup and the food was amazing! Pizza and appetizers were piping hot and fresh."
  • "Awesome pizza! Thin, crunchy, great crust! Would definitely recommend. 4 slices, 2 drinks, $15. Great prices and big portions."
  • "We have been going to Upper Crust for five years since moving to the area. Literally our favorite pizza place! We often compare how better the pizza is here compared to other pizza places in the area."
  • "Everything was wonderful about this pizza."
  • "This pizza place is managed by the nicest people on Earth."
  • "Hands down one of the best tasting pizzas in the entire Capital District. The crust is super crispy on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside - a combination not easy to achieve, but this establishment has cracked the code, and we are the beneficiaries. The cheese, sauce, and toppings are extremely flavorful and match the quality of the crust. This is one fine pizza!"
  • "My favorite Clifton Park pizza. Crust, especially the bottom, is chewy, crunch, flavorful, and the toppings are to die for! Great cheese, sauce, topping ratio!"
  • "Upper Crust is our go-to pizza place for everything from large parties to a weeknight pizza night with the family."

Villa Pizza: Thin Crust, Huge Slices & Multiple Varieties

different types of pizza with buffalo chicken, pepperoni and sausage, broccoli
Photos provided

Villa Pizza in Clifton Park has been in business for over 30 years, and their focus is on freshness, particularly with the dough and the sauce.

Here's what reviewers love about the place:

  • "We love the pizza here. . .their white pizza is to die for. So is their regular cheese pizza. You cannot go wrong!"
  • "It was absolutely delicious pizza, great flavor and the toppings were generously applied too. It was very close to NYC street pizza that we used to have years ago."
  • "Delicious pizza, fast and kind service. 10/10 recommend."
  • "This place has the best pizza in town! The slices are huge! True NY pizza!"
  • "I go down to NYC nearly every day for work and the pizza here blows anything I've found there out of the water."
  • "We order here every week, the pizza is in a class of its own."
  • "Light, crispy, and tasteful hot pizza with multiple varieties to please even the most picky of eaters."
  • "Great thin crust pizza and genuinely friendly staff."
  • "Never a bad bite! Pizza is delicious...service is always with a smile!"

Walt & Whitman Brewing: Detroit-Style Pizza in a Contemporary Space

closeup of deep dish pizza
Photo provided

We've talked a lot here about the ultra popular New York style, or New York City style, thin crust, huge slices, pizza. For something different but equally delicious, check out the Detroit-style deep dish offered at Walt & Whitman Brewing in Saratoga, in their unique, beer-hall style space.

Here's what people had to say about this one:

  • "Wide variety of delightful beers and tasty food. Detroit-style pizzas were great."
  • "Our favorite pizza in Saratoga. This is our go-to spot in the fall/winter when we're craving pizza."
  • "Hands down the best gluten free pizza I've ever had."
  • "Hands down the best pizza in the Capital District! Chicken Bacon Ranch...amazing!"
  • "Great beer, great pizza, great service!"
  • "Fantastic pizza, great beers, and good prices, the deep dish pies were amazing."
  • "You expect a solid pizza and then boom, you get a genuinely fantastic pizza that's super fresh, great dough, wonderful flavor (and that's coming from a couple of Manhattanites!)."
  • "Great beer, phenomenal food, and awesome atmosphere."
  • "Detroit-style pizza definitely a good thing. Interesting atmosphere at Whitman's."
  • "Nice ambience, excellent pizza and wings."
  • "Crust was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Plenty of toppings and cheese. This place will definitely be added into our favorites while in Saratoga!"

Wheatfields: Wood-Fired Pizza, Gluten-Free Pizza & Breakfast Pizza

collage of pizza with one coming out of the oven, and one breakfast pizza

Wheatfields has locations in Saratoga and Clifton Park, where you can enjoy their wood-fired pizza, although it's the Clifton Park location that has the most pizza related reviews.

Here are reviews from the Clifton Park bistro:

  • "Have gone here multiple times for Sunday brunch. Good food. Love their Breakfast Pizza."
  • "We shared pepperoni pizzas that were split up among all of us at the table, absolutely delicious! Great sauce, and the cheese was perfect."
  • "The pizza was good, the service was even better."
  • "Had the personal pepperoni pizza, delicious with high quality ingredients. Oven fired, outstanding cheeses. Highly recommend trying this restaurant."
  • "Their pizza is excellent and the drinks were reasonably priced."

And from the Saratoga location:

  • "The best gluten free white pizza I have ever had, and boy have I had many. Very cheesy, very delicious. Scratch kitchen - which means they can pretty much make anything gluten free."
  • "Loved the Market Pizza and the herb butter. Lots of vegetarian options!"
  • "Excellent gluten free pasta with no after effects."
  • "I ordered the gluten free Market Pizza. It was delicious! Definitely going back."
  • "Delicious personal pizzas!"

Where's your favorite place to get pizza in the Saratoga area - and why?

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