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2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Saratoga Springs, NY: Eclipse Details, Viewing Tips, and More

Are you looking forward to the 2024 total solar eclipse in Saratoga Springs, NY? While the city falls just outside the path of totality, we're still in for a treat when the eclipse reaches an impressive 97.8% coverage at its peak.

Get key details about this exciting total solar eclipse below, and don't forget to mark your calendar for Monday, April 8, 2024.

What Is a Total Solar Eclipse?

solar eclipse time lapse

Total solar eclipses are rare celestial events where the Moon aligns perfectly between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on our planet. What makes them special is the dimensions required for totality.

The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon, and it's also 400 times farther away, so this precise alignment brings us this spectacle of nature!

The next total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, April 8, 2024, and parts of New York State will be in the path of totality.

What Is the Path of Totality?

Map of United States with eclipse totality path
Source: NASA/Scientific Visualization Studio/Michala Garrison; eclipse calculations by Ernie Wright, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  

The path of totality refers to the narrow area of the Moon's shadow where a total solar eclipse is visible. This path will first touch land in Mexico and slowly travel north through the heart of the United States.

Here in New York State, the path of totality will pass through a large section of the Adirondack Park, such as Potsdam, Lake Placid, Keene, and Schroon Lake, plus other regions.

The southern Adirondacks and Saratoga County are just outside the path of totality, but people in the Spa City will still see a deep partial solar eclipse (approx. 97.8% magnitude).

When Will the Solar Eclipse Be Visible?

solar eclipse image of different stages.

If you're planning to be in Saratoga Springs, then you'll want to take note of the following times for the solar eclipse:

  • 2:12 PM - Start time of the Partial Phase
  • 3:26 PM - Maximum amount of the Sun's disk is covered in Saratoga (97.8% coverage)
  • 4:38 PM - End time of the Partial Phase

*All times are approximate.

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Where Can I View the Eclipse in the Saratoga Area?

Green park with pond, fountain, and ducks
Pictured: Congress Park

There are several parks around the Saratoga area which will provide a great place to experience this event. Find a spot with plenty of open space above and take in this natural phenomenon.

  • Congress Park
  • Saratoga Spa State Park
  • Moreau Lake State Park
  • Saratoga National Historical Park

Or, drive north and witness the total solar eclipse in the Adirondacks!

Safety Tips for Eclipse Viewing

several people staring up at the sky with special eclipse glasses

It is important to note that you should not directly view the sun or eclipse without protection other than during full totality. As soon as there is a glimmer of sunlight, put your eclipse glasses back on.

Avoid using cameras or other magnified lenses unless properly fitted. Make sure to purchase ISO 12312-2 certified solar eclipse glasses well before the event so you can safely enjoy this rare opportunity.

Normal sunglasses do not provide enough protection.

What Events Will Take Place During the Eclipse?

solar eclipse with small glimmer of sunlight

There are numerous events and viewing parties in the nearby Adirondacks. Ticketed events are expected to sell out in advance, so take a look at the different options now if you're planning a trip into the region.

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Stay in Saratoga for Your Trip

exterior of spa city motor lodge
Pictured: Bluebird Spa City Motor Lodge

The solar eclipse will bring tremendous attention to the area, so expect long waits in restaurants and traffic on the Northway or other busy roads as you get closer to places where the path of totality crosses.

Why not stay the night and take the stress of returning home off your shoulders? There are plenty of excellent options in Saratoga:

  • Bluebird Spa City Motor Lodge: Located in the center of downtown Saratoga Springs, this boutique hotel features 42 rooms that are inspired by the dynamic artist culture and tradition of the city.
  • The Adelphi Hotel: The historic Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs offers luxurious accommodations and fine dining in a prime downtown location.
  • Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs: This family-friendly hotel offers guests an indoor pool, an on-site restaurant, and it's a short drive to Saratoga Spa State Park.

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The 2024 total solar eclipse is coming up on Monday, April 8. Make plans now to see the eclipse happen in Saratoga or the surrounding region!

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