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As the first heated pool in the US, Victoria Pool has a rich and colorful history in Saratoga Springs, and is frequented by the rich and famous!

Victoria Pool 2017 Hours:

Open Daily: June 24–September 17

Daily Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Cost (Before August 14):

  • $8 Adults
  • $4 Children (5 to 11)
  • $4 NYS Seniors on non-holiday weekdays only, $8 NYS Seniors on weekends and holidays
  • Children under 5: FREE

Cost (Starting August 14):

  • $2 Adults
  • $1 Children (5 to 11)
  • $1 Seniors
  • Children under 5: FREE

Built in 1935, the pool complex was joyously received by the public and happy visitors reclined in lawn chairs and on towels surrounded by blue tile and gaily colored umbrellas. NY Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt became a strong proponent of the healthful environment of Saratoga Springs. He actively supported the building of Victoria Pool as part of an overall hydrotherapy program in combination with ‘taking the cure’ at the baths and mineral springs of Saratoga.

The architecture of Victoria Pool and surrounding buildings is simply amazing. Built in a traditional style of architecture with classic brick structures graced by arched colonnades, the pool also features a spectacular limestone deck and lion water spouts. Magnificent! 

The Victoria Pool reopened in 2005 after going through an extensive renovation, returning it to its pristine condition. The pool's original boilers are too costly to run, so the pool is unheated until an alternative energy source is found. For now, you can enjoy the comfort of its cool water amid the historic architecture for which it is so renowned. 

Located in Saratoga Spa State Park, Victoria pool has a maximum capacity of 350 people. A few of the locker rooms have been converted to a golf swing analysis and training facility. Showers, lockers and rest rooms are available.

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8 reviews from our community

You what is so sad?...that we forget the families hard working families, who can only afford to stay in this area, and rely on bringing kids to local parks and pools so their children can have a good summer. I have more than one child, and I utilize all the sprinkler parks, library programs, and free festivals, and biking areas I can because complex living cannot allow any water relief and its not a safe area for bikes with traffic.. Peerless closed early ...I think in this day and age, its important to show tolerance..and Also not to clump together ALL children...that they all do not know how to behave.... Maybe that child was not having a good day. Maybe that family wanted a change and enjoy a getaway too..accidents happen. Right?!..most kids are polite. Playing in water is just a given where its hard to compose themselves. They are having fun. If you don't want to get wet, don't sit by the pool. Seems every one does a lot of complaining about alittle of nothing these days. We are all in then same boat. Yes it can be annoying.. Kids get annoying. By I see it as to not let little things annoy or ruin my day, be grateful for where we are and who we are, because their are actually people far worse off ...I thank the Saratoga state park for accommodating those who were affected by peerless early closing greatly, and letting us enjoy the rest of the summer.

I used to LOVE the Victorian Pool. I would get there and wait for the doors to open. Now I well not go anymore. There is a Big Sign that reads all bags must not be left unattended. Get there at 9:30 and there is 25 bags there with no one being there in line. That is not fare. No one enforces the rules... Once the Rules are enforced, I well not be there again. There are others that feel the same as I do.

What a disgrace! There is no reason why the Peerless Pool had to be closed 2 weeks early this summer, you also delayed the opening of the Victoria Pool which is unacceptable. All the kids screaming and yelling and acting as if they were in their own backyard while parents failed to teach proper etiquette and respect all at the same time. This has taken away from the prestige and history of the pool & the park! Take your kids and and your bolognie sandwich's back home! Oh and how nice to have the pool be closed due to a child defecating in it, so disgusting! Keep it at $8 dollars and no lemonade, let the restaurant make some money! Very sad summer at the Victoria Pool! Keep the chaos out!!

The peerless pool is closed for remodeling. And this pool is family oriental .

What happened to the Victoria Pool being adult only? The family and child orientated pool is called the Peerless pool. Not cool.....

The Victoria Pool is amazing!! It has an old world "Art Deco" vibe to it which makes you feel like you're on vacation every time you are there, it boasts a gorgeous state of the art pool with an outdoor restaurant & bar that caters to everyone that comes! It truly is the summer place to be in Saratoga!

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