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Planning & Packing Tips

moving boxes fragileCongratulations on buying a home in Saratoga Springs! These planning and packing tips should make moving a bit easier for you and your family.

So you've finally found your dream home, condominium or apartment in Saratoga Springs, and the time has come to make the big move. Suddenly the realization that you have to pack everything you own begins to sink in. Are you looking at all your "stuff" and wondering where to begin?

Moving really doesn't have to be such a painful task at all. Whether you are hiring a Saratoga moving company, or packing up a rental truck yourself, replace the dreadful anticipation with good planning and a bit of organization, and you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Before you get started, get a notebook and make notes on each carton you pack. Number each one and jot down which room it came from and its contents, along with any notes or reminders to yourself for when you begin to unpack.

Ready? Time to roll up your sleeves and get started!

  • Get the right boxes. If you're packing all of your personal items yourself, your local moving van company can help you decide how many boxes you need and what type. There are all types of boxes for bedding, china, glassware, lamps, mirrors, even wardrobe boxes. You can also find bubblewrap, newsprint paper, peanuts, labels and tape to make sure everything you pack stays put and in one piece. If you're in doubt, buy more than you need…just check to be sure you can return whatever you don't use.
  • Now is the time to sort: If you haven't used it in a year or so, you probably won't! Moving is a great time to sift, weed and filter out anything you don't need. Now is not the time to be faint hearted - take advantage of this time to simplify your life! Shred any personal paperwork or utility bills you're throwing out.
  • Start early: If you're moving in the summer, you can pack up all the skates, winter clothes, holiday decorations, etc. early on. Collectibles, knick-knacks, books and photographs can be packed early as well. Think about what you really need to have as moving day draws near, and begin the process of packing up what you don't need handy a few boxes at a time.
  • Important papers: NEVER trust these to a moving company! Pack them carefully and take them with you. Examples of what you should take include:
    • Birth certificates
    • Passports
    • Social security cards
    • Mortgage or closing papers
    • Anything with your personal information (utility bills, receipts, medical information)
  • Packing one room at a time helps to avoid searching for your things when you arrive at your new home in Saratoga. Color coding the boxes from each room will help you know exactly where each one goes, and what is in each box!
  • Don't overload the boxes! (You won't be happy when you pick up the heavy box with Grandma's china and it comes out the bottom!) You'll also save your back and make your moving experience less difficult. Be sure to label fragile items as such. Remember…the heavier the items, the smaller the box!
  • Keep zip-lock plastic bags handy for parts: screws, nuts and bolts, and tape it to the bottom of the tables or chairs they came from.

Moving to a new home in Saratoga can be exciting or stressful, but usually there are mixed emotions. Being prepared and staying organized during the move will go a long way toward helping you arrive at your new destination prepared and ready to begin your new adventure!

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