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Looking for Saratoga home improvement and gardening tips? Now that you've found the perfect home in Saratoga, you may discover a new found passion for interior design and landscaping.

Leisure time might find you watching HGTV or buried in a Better Homes And Gardens magazine. If so, check out these great home improvement ideas, gardening tips and resources to help you make your vision a reality. You can dig in and do it yourself, or contact one of the many great Saratoga home and garden professionals to assist you in creating and maintaining your dream home. E-News: Deals, Events, Specials and More!

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Garden Goddess Blog

Garden Whimsey: More than a Pink Flamingo Daphne's gardens in Saratoga Springs is one of my favorite visits during my early spring services.  Her unique flair for strategically and tastefully using "whimsy" in her garden always puts a first of the season Continue Reading »

Bishops Weed: The Gardener's Nemesis Batman has the Joker....gardeners have Bishops Weed/Goutweed. By whatever name you choose to use.... I consider this the reining Queen of Garden Nemesis'.  Yes Japanese Knotweed, bamboo and purple loosestrife are certifiable runners up in Continue Reading »


Backyard Water Features

Beautiful water features make a great addition to any backyard garden! From waterfalls to fish ponds to fountains to bird baths... the options are wide-ranging in scale and complexity. Discover which type of water feature is best for your backyard garden!

Kitchen Remodel

Cohesive Home Design

Take a look through any home decorating magazine, and you'll notice one common denominator -- showcased homes frequently have a cohesive design.

Home Lighting

Home Lighting Tips

Many decorating pros never consider a home finished until proper lighting has been added to each room. Lighting can complete, complement or even... completely ruin your design scheme!! Learn how to light up your home with elegance and purpose.

Deer In Garden

Deer-Proof Garden

Do you cringe every time you find a deer grazing in your backyard? Are they enjoying your gardens more than you? Destroying your favorite flowers and plants? Adding new plants that deter deer can be a simple, and attractive, option for controlling hungry deer.

Outdoor Dining Event

Elegant Outdoor Entertaining

Preparing for an upcoming party or get together? Outdoor entertaining is a great way to warm up the occasion and ensure there is enough room for all of your guests. Create a cozy yet elegant gathering space in your yard!

Evergreen Tree

Northeast Landscaping

USDA zones refer to plant hardiness and are important in helping you determining which flowers, plants and trees to incorporate into your garden. The northeastern landscaping climate can be particularly tricky due to cold winters and hot summers, but there are many plants that thrive in this climate.

Room Redecorating

Redecorating a Room

Do you have that one room in your home that just doesn't 'work' for you? You may be ready to tear it down and start from scratch. Well, before you reach for that sledgehammer, ask yourself a few questions.

Stylish Bedroom With Neutral Base

Start With Neutrals

You won't believe how easy and inexpensive redecorating can be when you start with neutral colors. Neutrals are like blue-jeans for your home... they go with everything!

Frost On Trees In Winter

First & Last Frost Dates

When to plant... When to pull... Don't let frost ruin your precious plantings! Find out when it's safe to have plants in the ground by learning Saratoga's first frost and last frost dates.