Saratoga Home Improvement & Gardening

Looking for Saratoga home improvement and gardening tips? Now that you've found the perfect home in Saratoga, you may discover a new found passion for interior design and landscaping.

Leisure time might find you watching HGTV or buried in a Better Homes And Gardens magazine. If so, check out these great home improvement ideas, gardening tips and resources to help you make your vision a reality. You can dig in and do it yourself, or contact one of the many great Saratoga home and garden professionals to assist you in creating and maintaining your dream home. E-News: Deals, Events, Specials and More!

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Garden Goddess Blog

Creating a Tradition of Family This Season One of my most treasured  childhood traditions during this season of celebration was watching the beloved Charles Shultz, A Charlie Brown Christmas on television.  The story and life themes within that program always set me Continue Reading »

Plant A Row for the Hungry: A Bountiful Harvest!   At this time of year we hear many stories of businesses and non-profit organizations that feed the needy in our community.  We are most fortunate to have this collective effort and outpouring of caring Continue Reading »

water fountain with multiple spigots

Backyard Water Features

Waterfalls, fish ponds, fountains, birdbaths - all are a beautiful addition to any backyard garden.

green couch behind brown coffee table with hardwood floors and floor to ceiling windows behind

Cohesive Home Design

Pick up some interior decorating tips to achieve a seamless look throughout your home.

close up of a lamp

Home Lighting Tips

Elegant lighting can compliment and complete your home design.

deer looking right at camera with another deer in the background

Deer-Proof Garden

Find out what plants will deter deer from the garden.

close up of shrimp on the grill

Elegant Outdoor Entertaining

Create a cozy yet sophisticated gathering space in your yard.

blue and purple hydrangas

Northeast Landscaping

Climate plays a large role in the viability of your garden - here's what works for the Northeast.

a pink flower in a vase on a side table by a leather couch

Redecorating a Room

Before breaking out the sledgehammer and paint, try these tips first.

white bedspread and pillows

Start With Neutrals

White, beige, and subdued grays, blues, and more can be a great base for a decorating scheme.