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Saratoga Home Improvement & Gardening

Looking for Saratoga home improvement and gardening tips? Now that you've found the perfect home in Saratoga, you may discover a new found passion for interior design and landscaping.

Leisure time might find you watching HGTV or buried in a Better Homes And Gardens magazine. If so, check out these great home improvement ideas, gardening tips and resources to help you make your vision a reality. You can dig in and do it yourself, or contact one of the many great Saratoga home and garden professionals to assist you in creating and maintaining your dream home.

 house being built
Whether your project is big or small, home improvement professionals can help with decorating, painting, landscaping, remodeling, flooring, paving, roofing, cleaning, and much more. 
koi pond in backyard

Beautiful water features make a great addition to any backyard garden! From waterfalls to fish ponds to fountains to bird baths, the options are wide-ranging in scale and complexity.

kitchen and dining room

Take a look through any home decorating magazine, and you'll notice one common denominator: showcased homes frequently have a cohesive design running throughout an entire floor.

living room

Many decorating pros don't consider a home finished until proper lighting has been added to each room. Learn how to light up your home with elegance, and complete your decor while you're at it.

deer in yard

Are deer enjoying your backyard gardens more than you are? Having trouble keeping them out? Adding new plants that deter deer can be a simple, and attractive, option for controlling hungry deer.

outdoor patio

Preparing for an upcoming party or get together? Outdoor entertaining is a great way to warm up the occasion and ensure there is enough room for all of your guests.

stone walkway with plants

The northeastern landscaping climate can be tricky because of the warm summers and frigid winters, but there are many plants that thrive in this climate.

three-season porch

Do you have that one room in your home that just doesn't 'work' for you? Before you give up and reach for that sledgehammer, ask yourself a few questions.

Stylish Bedroom With Neutral Base

You won't believe how easy and inexpensive redecorating can be when you start with neutral colors. Neutrals are like blue-jeans for your home, they go with everything!

Frost On Trees In Winter

When to plant... When to pull... Don't let frost ruin your precious plantings! Find out when it's safe to have plants in the ground by learning Saratoga's first frost and last frost dates.

basil and tomatoes in a basket
Not all produce gets along! Find out which vegetable and fruit plants are friends and foes with companion planting and discover new ways to get your garden to thrive.
Marie Kondo book held up in front of clothes in closet
Have you recently purged your home Marie Kondo-style? We've rounded up organizations in the Saratoga area where you can donate clothing, home goods, and more.