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In Pictures: "Health, History, Horses"

"Health, History, Horses" is the well-known slogan for Saratoga Springs. Visiting Saratoga Springs offers health in the form of healing mineral waters, history that can be seen in many Saratoga Springs Hot Spots and horses at the Saratoga Race Track and sprinkled throughout Saratoga culture. These are three of the things that make this area so popular, unique and timeless.  

HEALTH: Roosevelt Baths

Roosevelt Baths at Gideon Putnam Resort

Columbian Spring

Columbian Spring Saratoga

Filling Up at State Seal Spring

State Seal Spring Saratoga

Governor Spring

Governor Spring Saratoga

Geyser Island Spouter

Polaris Spring

Polaris Spring Saratoga

Congress Spring

Congress Spring Saratoga

Saratoga Mineral Springs Map

Saratoga Springs Mineral Springs Map
Check out the tasting tour map for the 17 public mineral springs in Saratoga Springs!

HISTORY: Stereoview of Congress Spring

people at congress spring

Historic Congress Park

fountain in congress park

Congress Park Carousel

boy riding carousel

Saratoga Automobile Museum at Spa State Park

Historic Gideon Putnam Resort Interior

interior of gideon putnam resort

Fountain in the Center of Franklin Square


Saratoga Race Course (1905)

Yaddo Gardens

columns at yaddo

Saratoga Battlefield

cannon at saratoga battlefield

HORSES: Warm Up at the Saratoga Race Track

jockey warming up horse

Smile! Saratoga Horse and Carriage

people posing with a horse

Saratoga Lawn Jockey

saratoga lawn jockey

Horses Saratoga Style at Saratoga Arts Fest

magician with rubix cube and horse

And The Winner Is...

horses racing at saratoga

Grand Champion Horse at the Saratoga County Fair

horse with award ribbons

Saratoga Polo

people playing polo

Sam the Bugler at The White Party Gala

sam the bugler at the white party gala

Off to the Races!

jockey on horse


There are 17 public mineral springs which offer naturally carbonated, mineral-rich waters famed for their health benefits. By the mid-1800s, tourism in the area led to the growth of Saratoga Springs, spearheaded by the healing powers of the springs. Today, you can find two locations for mineral baths, The Roosevelt Baths at the Gideon Putnam Resort and the Crystal Spa on South Broadway in Downtown Saratoga Springs. You can soak in the effervescent waters in privacy. You can also check out the countless spas in Saratoga Springs, offering relaxation and a healthy way to spend an afternoon.


The rich history of Saratoga Springs can be seen in the over 1400 stereoscopic images at the Saratoga Public Library. The stereoscopic images document Victorian America and the development of tourism in Saratoga Springs. Just looking at the buildings lining Broadway will showcase the longevity of the Saratoga culture. Congress ParkSaratoga Spa State ParkFranklin Square and The Saratoga Race Track are among the most popular historic sites.


"And They're Off!" The Saratoga Race Track epitomizes the birth of the Saratoga culture. It's not just about the big blue Saratoga Spring Water bottles lining grocery store shelves but all the horse inspired art and events that define this region most. Every summer since 1863, the Saratoga Race Track has been the focal point for exciting thoroughbred racing. The popular Travers Stakes is the oldest major thoroughbred race in the US!

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