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Spice Malabar

Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine in Clifton Park!
7 Southside Park Clifton Park, NY 12065 |
outside of spice malabar restaurantCome to Spice Malabar for a taste of authentic Indian cuisine.
painting on a wall in a restaurantThe restaurant combines great food with a nice ambiance and friendly customer service.
soupEach dish features the perfect blend of spices.
lunch buffetCheck out all the excellent options at the lunch buffet!
lunch buffetChoose from a variety of vegan and vegetarian specialties, chicken and lamb favorites, and more.
lunch takeout boxes on restaurant tableYou can also order a Lunch Box to bring home with you.
wraps on a plate with saucesSpice Malabar specializes in North and South Indian cuisine.
an indian dish with riceThe restaurant takes pride in its heritage and cuisine and serves it with delight.
an indian dish with fried foodYou'll find plenty of dishes to satisfy your cravings for Indian cuisine.
bombay sapphire gin with a cocktailTake a look at the bar menu and sip a cocktail with your meal.


Are you craving authentic Indian cuisine? Visit Spice Malabar in Clifton Park and enjoy delicious dishes that honor the flavors of North & South Indian cuisine and feature the perfect blend of spices.

Discover a Sea of Choices at Spice Malabar

For flavorful Indian food that's prepared expertly, a nice ambiance, and great customer service, Spice Malabar is the place to be. Imagine yourself transported to the tropical coast of the Malabar region where the salty sea breeze cools the warm sand. Now, think about the types of food you would order, which includes fresh fish and seafood, local produce, rice, and more. This is the type of cuisine Spice Malabar aims to offer customers at their restaurant.

From starters to desserts, vegetarian to non-vegetarian, North Indian to South Indian, you'll find a sea of choices available on the menu, such as Chicken Tikki Masala, Tandoori Specials, Fish in Banana Leaf, Fish Molee, Bagari Shrimp, and other entrees and dishes.

Spice Malabar is open for both lunch and dinner, and they provide a lunch buffet and takeout lunch boxes, a la carte dinner options, and even catering services.

Check out their website for more info!

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