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high rock spring

Saratoga Springs celebrated its Centennial in 2015 with many commemorative events and projects.

History Of The City

What is now Saratoga Springs has a known history spanning back to the 1770s. Many pioneers passed through the High Rock area, including General George Washington who drank from the High Rock Spring in 1783, but the first permanent resident is considered to be Alexander Bryan who decided to call the area "home" in 1787.

Meanwhile, Gideon and Doanda Putnam arrived in the Lower Village in 1789 and opened a Tavern and Boarding House in 1802 after the discovery of Congress SpringIt was Putnam who built Broadstreet, which would later become Broadway, as well as many iconic buildings, including the Grand Union and Congress Hall.

In 1819, the Town of Saratoga Springs separated from the Town of Saratoga and was officially incorporated as a village in 1826. On April 7, 1915, the Village of Saratoga Springs was officially incorporated into a city.

1915 Fun Facts

  • Woodrow Wilson was President
  • Babe Ruth hit his first home run
  • The New York Yankees started permanently wearing pinstripes
  • Ford manufactured its one millionth Model T automobile
  • AT&T became the first corporation with one million stockholders
  • The first transcontinental radio telephone message was sent
  • The US Coast Guard was created

Photo: High Rock Spring c.1905

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