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Chiropractic Therapy

Saratoga chiropractic therapy benefits more than just an achy back Learn the basics of this holistic health practice and discover how Saratoga chiropractic therapy can benefit you. Ready to make an appointment? Find Saratoga Springs NY chiropractors here!

It's hard today to imagine that a mere forty years ago, you might have trouble locating a chiropractor in some of the communities surrounding Saratoga Springs. Now, almost every village has a chiropractor's office within a short drive, and many medical insurance plans cover chiropractic therapy for the treatment of certain medical conditions.

What is chiropractic therapy?

Chiropractic therapy is a holistic health care discipline that focuses primarily on the body's musculoskeletal structure as it relates to the central nervous system and proper body function. Practitioners manipulate your musculoskeletal structure (mainly the spine) to achieve relief and healing throughout your body.

Why does chiropractic therapy work?

chiropractic manipulation

Chiropractic therapy holds that "subluxations," or misaligned vertebrae, cause blockages along nerve bundles in the spinal column.

Subluxations can be present with or without pain and discomfort, but are nevertheless classified as a mechanical disorder of the spine.

Mechanical disorders interfere with nerve signals to the brain, thus having a debilitating effect on proper nerve function. Because the majority of your body relies on the central nervous system to function properly, chiropractic medicine asserts that susceptibility to other diseases increases when your spine suffers from these subluxations.

Following the same logic, chiropractic treatments, such as musculoskeletal manipulation and spinal realignment, are believed to greatly improve nerve function and therefore help restore you back to health.

What can chiropractic therapy treat?

Patients most commonly visit the chiropractor's office for neck aches, back pain and migraine headaches, but Saratoga chiropractic therapy benefits more than just these ailments.  

Chiropractic therapy may also be instrumental in healing a wide range of other disorders, including frequent colds, infantile colic, joint problems in the shoulders, knees and jaw, PMS, asthma and a variety of other conditions. Many of these ailments seemingly have nothing to do with spinal mobility or musculoskeletal function, but when viewed in light of central nervous system function, the correlation becomes more evident.

What is the visit like?

Prior to treatment, there is typically an evaluation. Similar to most medical practitioners, chiropractors ask a series of questions about your medical history, lifestyle and exercise routines in addition to performing physical examinations. Chiropractors may identify mechanical disorders by using x-ray imaging, physical examination or simply listening to your complaints. These evaluations are part of a standard routine to help the chiropractor learn enough about your condition to effectively diagnose and treat your problem.

chiropractor adjusts womans spine

After the diagnosis, treatment begins. The patient lies, usually facedown, on a flat, comfortable table, which resembles a bed.

Chiropractors generally use their hands or a specialized mechanical tool to manipulate the spine by applying gentle, precise thrusts to your lower back and body.

Many patients witness an audible cracking, clicking or popping sound as the chiropractor works to realign the spine. Spinal adjustments are often accompanied by feelings of relief and relaxation.

During the process of spinal manipulation, the chiropractor may also incorporate massage, heat, water, ultrasound or electrical therapy. Many of these techniques help to loosen up tense muscles that are holding parts of the skeletal structure in misalignment. Straps and braces may also be necessary for support during treatment.

Chiropractors do not perform surgery on their patients; nor do they prescribe medications. This is due to their strong belief in the body's self-regenerative qualities. They may, however, give recommendations for changes in diet and exercise patterns to aid in this process.

After Saratoga chiropractic therapy, benefits of treatment are evident. Patients generally feel extremely relaxed and experience increased range of motion and fluid body mobility. Are you ready to feel relaxed and take the next step toward being pain free? Browse Saratoga Springs NY chiropractors here!

In New York State, licensed chiropractors must earn a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic from an accredited chiropractic college, as well as pass both written and practical ("hands on") examinations.

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