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Order Your Easter Goodies & Gifts in Saratoga and the Capital Region

Make Easter 2023 Memorable for the Family

Looking to make this Easter just as memorable for your family as in previous years? Play the role of the Easter Bunny and order some goodies and treats that your loved ones would appreciate. We've rounded up a variety of places where you can get chocolate bunnies, Easter gift baskets, and more in Saratoga and the Capital Region.

jelly beans, Peeps, and other Easter candy

Featured Easter Gift Ideas From the Saratoga Area

Emack & Bolio's (Albany)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: Head down to Emack & Bolio's in Albany for Easter chocolates, toys, games, puzzles, and much more. They have everything you need to fill up an Easter basket and treat yourself to some tasty chocolate.


Impressions of Saratoga (Saratoga Springs)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: Impressions of Saratoga has a variety of fun items that you can fill up an Easter basket with. Stop by and check out the store's selection of gifts for kids.


Saratoga Candy Co. (Saratoga Springs)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: The Saratoga Candy Co. is offering Easter-themed candy collections, chocolate bunnies, and more for the holiday. One of their most popular options is the "Grab The Bunny and Run Gift Bag" featuring a milk chocolate medium bunny, malt eggs, Peeps, gummy butterflies, jelly beans, and a PB egg. Local delivery is available; free shipping for orders over $65.


Sunnyside Gardens (Saratoga Springs)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: Buy some beautiful pansies or Easter house plants from Sunnyside Gardens in Saratoga Springs. They're a great option to brighten up someone's holiday, or your own home!


Browse Even More Easter Goodies & Gifts

Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery (Schenectady)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: Shop for Easter basket gifts at Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery in Schenectady. They sell a variety of items that will fit in a basket, such as stuffed bunnies, Easter-themed color pencils, rabbit puzzles and books, and more.

Krause's Homemade Candy (Albany)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: Browse an excellent selection of Easter goodies at Krause's Homemade Candy in Albany. Their online shop features chocolate novelties, jelly beans, foil wrapped chocolates, and other gifts. There is something for every bunny at Krause's!

Park Avenue Confectionary (Mechanicville)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: Find Easter baskets with candy and a variety of treats to fill your own baskets. They have many cute and handmade items too.

Putnam Market (Saratoga Springs)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: Putnam Market in Saratoga Springs is always a top spot for Easter treats, as they typically sell Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, gummies, chocolate eggs, and more.

Saratoga Chocolate Co. (Saratoga Springs)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: Purchase a chocolate bunny from the Saratoga Chocolate Co. in time for Easter. They also sell a wide selection of other treats.

The Savory Pantry (Saratoga Springs)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: The Savory Pantry has a variety of Easter goodies available for purchase. You'll find everything from gourmet Easter baskets to bags of treats, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, and more. Visit their website and click on the Easter Gifts section for all the options.

Vischer Ferry General Store (Rexford)

Easter Goodies/Gifts: Stop by the Vischer Ferry General Store in Rexford and pick up some great gifts to fill an Easter basket. They have cute bunnies, chicks, frogs, and other stuffed animals of different sizes. Be sure to get a couple baked goods to enjoy with the family later too.

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