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Garden Party: What To Wear

Everything you need to know about Garden Party attire

garden partyParties are typically centered around a particular event - like birthdays and holidays - but what about just celebrating the season? One of the best parts about summer is the outdoor parties...but one of the worst is figuring out what to wear.

Garden parties or outdoor parties can take place in a variety of settings. They can range from wedding-related, formal events (like galas), to casual get-togethers. Regardless of where your party is, you'll want to look your best!

If the invitation reads "Garden Party," you should strive for a Jackie Kennedy look. It's really just semi-formal, but have a little fun with it! Sundresses and skirts are ideal. Soft and flowy fabrics are perfect, but the colors are what will make-or-break your outfit. Go for bright or pastel colors, or a subtle floral print.

Prefer something more simple? Pull out your little black dress and pair it with a bright scarf or necklace. You're good to go!

If you're headed to a wedding or formal event, you'll see most people wearing cocktail dresses. These would be more formal than a standard garden party, but keep the bright color and floral pattern scheme in mind. You can find lots of cute dresses in downtown Saratoga Springs!

You may find yourself invited to a "White Party," one of the trickier summer gatherings to decode dress codes for. You don't have to wear all white, but make sure the other colors you wear are subtle. If you don't want to stand out, you won't want to wear another solid color. Women opt for wearing everything from a white sundress to formal evening attire. White pants are a hit as well! Most men wear khaki pants and a simple white button-down.

As for shoes, you'll want to stay away from pumps if the party is on grass. If you want to wear heels, wedges are your best bet! If you're going for something a little more casual, sandals are perfect.

Whatever the occasion is, dress to impress!

So, what will you wear to your next garden party?

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