Saratoga Prom Guide

Dehn's Flowers, IncWelcome to the Saratoga Prom Guide! Here you will find tips and resources to help make prom the best night ever. Because high school comes only once in a lifetime!

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Prom Timeline

Saratoga Prom Timeline

The clock is ticking! Discover what you need to get done before prom in this general timeline you should try to follow.

See our Prom Planning Timeline

Prom Hairstyles

Saratoga Prom Hair Style

Find the style that's right for you! Trendy or timeless? Updo or down? This guide to prom hairstyles will help you decide!

See Prom Hairstyles

Dancing Tips

Prom Dancing Tips

Afraid you'll make a fool of yourself on the dance floor? Don't fret! We're here to help. With a few good pointers, you will feel comfortable and confident dancing on prom night.

Prom dancing tips

Prom Venues


Attention prom committee members! Before you set out visiting different prom venues in Saratoga, learn what you should be looking for when deciding where to host this year's prom!

See where to hold your prom

After-Prom Plans


When prom ends, the fun doesn't stop! See our tips for finding something to do post-prom to make the night even more unforgettable.

Make post-prom plans