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Saratoga Springs Post-Prom Ideas

prom groupDo you have plans for after your Saratoga area prom yet? Make plans ahead of time so the night doesn't end when the dancing stops! Check out these tips for post-prom party plans:

School Sanctioned Post-Prom Party

Most school's offer a school sanctioned event. These parties are usually planned by parents and students and feature tons of activities and food.

Enjoy Late Night Munchies

After hours of dancing, you're bound to be ready to relax and enjoy some munchies! Meet up with friends at a local Saratoga restaurant or diner and share stories about the night over great food.

Late Night Bowling

Keep the fun going after prom with some late night bowling with your friends and dates! Saratoga Strike Zone Bowling on Ballston Ave offers galactic bowling 11:30pm -2:00 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sleepover Party

Host a sleepover party that includes junk food, movies and the works! It's the perfect solution to continue enjoying time with friends after you're too tired to be on the dance floor.

Stay Put!

Plan ahead of time with your prom location to see if they are willing to extend the prom later or host an after-prom party. The party doesn't have to stop once the prom is over!

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Remember to be safe and have fun on prom night!