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2024 Saratoga Fab Five Awards - Results!

Locals, visitors, and Saratoga lovers have cast their votes for their favorite Saratoga food and drink spots, and the results are in! Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who voted.

saratoga fab five winners 24

Best Wings

1st: Carson's Woodside Tavern
2nd: The Rusty Nail
3rd: Bentley's Tavern
4th: Dunning Street Station
5th: Pizza Etc.

Best Pizza

1st: Pizza Etc.
2nd (TIE): Mama Mia's / West Ave Pizzeria
4th (TIE): Caputo's Pizzeria / Marino's Pizza

Best Burger

1st: Carson's Woodside Tavern
2nd: Seneca
3rd: Five Guys Burgers and Fries
4th: Juicy Burgers and More
5th: Hamlet & Ghost

Best Ice Cream, Gelato & Yogurt

1st: King Brothers Dairy
2nd: Dairy Haus
3rd: Stewart's Shops
4th: Humpty Dumpty
5th: Ben & Jerry's

Best Breakfast

1st: Russell's Deli
2nd: Ribbon Cafe
3rd: Triangle Diner
4th: Sweet Mimi's Cafe & Bakery
5th: The Ugly Rooster

Best Brunch

1st: Max London's
2nd: Triangle Diner
3rd: The Merc
4th: Sweet Mimi's Cafe & Bakery
5th: The Ripe Tomato

Best Coffee Spot

1st: Uncommon Grounds
2nd: Coffee Planet
3rd: Kru Coffee
4th: Stewart's Shops
5th: SPoT Coffee

Best Bakeries & Sweet Treats

1st: Russell's Deli
2nd: Mrs. London's
3rd: Sweet Mimi's Cafe & Bakery
4th: Lakeside Farms
5th: Bread Basket Bakery

Best Italian Cuisine

1st: Mama Mia's
2nd: Neighborhood Kitchen
3rd: Augie's Family Style Italian Restaurant
4th: Solevo Kitchen
5th: Pennell's Restaurant

Best Asian Cuisine

1st: Azuma Sushi Bistro
2nd: Sushi Thai Garden
3rd: Great Tang's
4th (TIE): Wasabi / Rhea

Best Mexican Cuisine

1st: El Mexicano
2nd: Cantina
3rd: Mexican Connection
4th: La Fiesta
5th: Taqueria Guadalajara

Best American Cuisine

1st: Carson's Woodside Tavern
2nd: Olde Bryan Inn
3rd: Seneca
4th: Ribbon Cafe
5th: Dunning Street Station

Best Pub Fare

1st: Carson's Woodside Tavern
2nd: Druthers
3rd: The Local Pub & Teahouse
4th: Henry's Tavern
5th: The Parting Glass

Best Tapas / Small Plates

1st: Boca Bistro
2nd: Thirsty Owl Saratoga
3rd: The Brook Tavern
4th: Hamlet & Ghost
5th (TIE): Scallions / The Wishing Well

Best Fine Dining

1st: Morton's The Steakhouse
2nd: 15 Church
3rd (TIE): Olde Bryan Inn / The Wishing Well
5th: Seneca

Best Dining on Saratoga Lake

1st: Carson's Woodside Tavern
2nd: Lago by Druthers (Formerly 550 Waterfront by Druthers)
3rd: Dock Brown's
4th: The Hideaway
5th: Harvest & Hearth

Best Deli

1st: Cannone's Deli
2nd: Russell's Deli
3rd: Fat Paulie's Delicatessen
4th: Cardona's Saratoga Market
5th: Pellegrino Imports of Malta

Best Brewery or Cidery

1st: Speckled Pig Brewing
2nd: Druthers
3rd: Whitman Brewing
4th: Artisanal Brew Works
5th: Common Roots

Best Winery or Distillery

1st: The Saratoga Winery
2nd (TIE): Thirsty Owl Saratoga / Cooperstown Distillery
4th (TIE): Old Tavern Farm Winery / Yankee Distillers

Best Craft Cocktails

1st: Hamlet & Ghost
2nd: 9 Maple Ave.
3rd: Seneca
4th: The Night Owl
5th: Morrissey's Lounge & Bistro - The Adelphi Hotel

Best Bar

1st: Carson's Woodside Tavern
2nd (TIE): The Night Owl / The Parting Glass
4th: Kings Tavern
5th (TIE): The Mill on Round Lake / Spa City Tap & Barrel


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