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Saratoga Springs Weight Loss Centers & Health Coaches

Ready to lose weight? Get the necessary tools, guidance and support you need to put you on track to achieving your weight loss goals! Search for Saratoga weight loss centers and health coaches that could help you succeed.

three rocks with the words 'peace,' 'love,' and 'kind.'
Lori Mershon
Lori Mershon is a comprehensive nutrition and wellness coach, trained in a variety of spiritual and health-related services such as nutritional assessments, massage therapy, personal fitness assessments, Reiki, and more!
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Simple Heart Health
Simple Heart Health provides health and happiness coaching for adults and teens by offering lifestyle, motivational and accountability. Clients learn how to put themselves first in a realistic way that allows them to reduce stress and rediscover joy.
image of Kerry Brown Conley
Kerry Brown Conley's Spiritual Direction & Life Coaching
Whether you're experiencing a loss or illness,looking for a sense of purpose or hoping to live a happier life Kerry Brown Conley is here for you. Kerry can help you uncover the wisdom that will lead you to a life of peace, meaning & connection.