The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

The holiday of love is here once again! If you're currently single, there's no need to be down in the dumps just because it's Valentine's Day! We've rounded up some great things to do that will keep you in high spirits during the holiday.

Check out our suggestions for single ladies on Valentine's Day!

Hang Out With Friends

While some of your friends will likely spend Valentine's Day with their significant other, the rest of your single friends will find themselves in the same situation as you. Rather than spend the holiday alone, make plans with your girlfriends!

One idea is to plan out a fun event together, such as going out to eat for dinner, seeing a movie, or hosting your own singles' party. Or, you can keep it simple by doing something healthy (and sticking to that New Year's resolution). Attend a yoga class, go for a jog, or if there is snow, try a winter recreational activity!

Stay Inside

When you're single, it can be fun to go out with your girlfriends and enjoy Valentine's Day. However, if the holiday doesn't excite you, then why not spend the day inside? Enjoy a night alone at home by doing something that you enjoy!

You could really dig into a book you've wanted to read, or you could browse Netflix and watch a new movie or television series. Is there a project you've been working on? Do some scrapbooking or organize your old photos!

Treat Yourself

Another way you can enjoy Valentine's Day as a single lady is to celebrate the holiday in your own way. Treat yourself to a spa day, and bring some of your other single friends too if they're interested!

If the spa is not for you, maybe try going on a fun shopping trip! If there's a clothing item you've been waiting to buy, allow yourself to splurge a little for Valentine's Day.

Do Nothing

If you don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day as a single girl, then there's no need to! All you have to do is spend the day as you normally would. Who knows, maybe next year will be different!

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