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Saratoga Springs Pest Control & Exterminators

Protect your home and get rid of unwanted bugs!  Search our list of Saratoga Springs pest control and exterminators to help your yard of termites, ants, mosquitos and other harmful bugs.


Bug-U Pest Control LLC - Upstate, NY.  Outstanding and local extermination company. Providing exceptional control of insects, rodents, and Wildlife trapping solutions.
Bug-U Pest Control LLC- Upstate, NY. 26 Years Experience Solving The Toughest Pest Issues In The Area.
Local exterminator with 26 Years experience, Bug-U Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies in the Saratoga, Coun... [+More]
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Fox Pest Control
Fox Pest Control is a highly rated pest control and extermination company that serves the Albany area up to Lake George and the so... [+More]