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Downton Abbey, My New Obsession!

With the help from 3 co-workers (shout outs to Gavin, Chris A and Mary), I have become addicted to the television series, "Downton Abbey." The show is set in the fictional Downton Abbey, the Yorkshire country house of the Earl and Countess of Grantham and follows the chaotic and dramatic lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants during the reign of King George V. Not only does the plot line keep you wanting more, but the fashion on the show is to die for! 
Downton Abbey takes place in the early 1900s in England. Fashion for women was all about being feminine. What was considered sexy you ask? A confident and curvy woman.If you are curious as to what was all the rage back then, take a look below. 

Beading- Intricate beading was seen on almost all the women's dresses on Downton Abbey.  Even in the 1900's, the girls needed a little bling bling! Look at the beautiful bead work on the dresses worn by the Crawley girls. Left, Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay), Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), and Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael). What I would do to get my hands on one of these babies!

downton.jpgOriental Influences- Designer Paul Poiret was known as the "King Of Fashion" in the early 1900's and was also popular for spreading his love of oriental influences in his designs.  Poiret was credited with introducing the "Harem" pant, which Lady Sybil rebelliously wore to dinner in Season 1 of Downtown Abbey. See below.

Hats- Everyone knows that weather in England can be a little dreary.  Hats were not only a defense against the rain, but were a staple of any "proper" woman's wardrobe.  The girls in Downton Abbey were hardly ever seen without a hat on if they were outdoors. 
Empire Waists- Empire waists were a very popular style on the series.  An empire silhouette is created by wearing a high waisted dress that is gathered near or just under the bust with a long, loose skirt which skims the body.  Very flattering.  
Headbands- The women on Downton Abbey are shown numerous times wearing these ornate head pieces. The style is part of the Oriental influences introduced by Poiret. These types of headbands are extremely trendy today.  Isn't it funny how fashions always reappear? Who would have thought that a trend from 1910 would still be worn in 2012?
Below are Downton Abbey themed outfits that I have created for inspiration! The look back then was all about showing off your figure, with out being too favorite kind of look.  Many people think that in order to be sexy and feminine, you have to show tons of skin. That is definitely not the case. What I always do, is show one part of your body. For example, if you're going to show your legs, you should cover up your arms. Don't you just adore the outfits below? So classy! 
And that's my two cents! 

Downton Abbey, England, Fashion, Series. Style In The 1900s Was Anything But Boring. Read This Post And See What Is Still In Style Today! Take A Look At The Fashions Of Downtown Abbey.

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My new favorite too Maura. And the clothes are fabulous!

The fashions in the show are absolutely stunning aren't they? We were born to late perhaps. Styles these days aren't exactly feminine. Styles of the Downton period reflect an element of grace, delicacy, and refinement. Blue jeans and t-shirts just don't do the trick. Though, the top photo you have posted here is a modern day fashion shot with contemporary dresses which are obviously inspired by the fashions of the Edwardian Age (prior to WWI). The three dresses worn by the three actresses in your first photo do not actually appear in Downton Abbey.

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