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Readers' Tips & Top Picks

Read these great tips and top picks for the best Saratoga hotels, restaurants and activities from our readers.

a pontoon boat on Saratoga Lake at sunsetSaratoga Lake

Submitted By: Matt, Saratoga NY
"I am a big fan of the shepards pie at The Local"

Submitted By: Kelly, Upstate NY
"Merle Norman on Beekman Street. Their skin care line is fabulous!"

Submitted By: Sharon, Greene NY
"Things to do - walk in Congress Park, walk in the State Park and SPAC, people watch downtown, drive around Saratoga Lake. Favorite place to stay - Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa. Places to eat - (so many) Beverly's, Hatties, Putnam's, Parting Glass, Mouzon House, Chianti (to name a few)."

Submitted By: Thomas, Saratoga NY
"Wheatfields and Uncommon Grounds are awesome!"

Submitted By: Angela, Stillwater NY
"My tip is don't drink the water from the spring at the Saratoga Race Course... you'll be spitting and spattering all over the place! One of my friends gave me a nifty little cup and told me it was good and to have a drink. Well I did, and yuk! The water fizzes up in your mouth and has this horrible taste, like club soda."

Submitted By: Molly, Saratogga NY
"The Mexican Connection"

Submitted By: Katrina Lynn, Hudson Falls NY
"Go see the horses work out in the morning at the track. It's free, and fun."

Submitted By: Jeremy, Colonie NY
"Live music on the roof of the Tang at Skidmore is pretty hot, plus it's free."

Submitted By: Corey, Ontario NY
"Compton's for breakfast. Ravenous for lunch. Thai Sushi Garden for dinner. A walk through the park, then Ben and Jerry's for some dessert."

(Please Note: Ravenous is no longer in business.)

Submitted By: Stacey F., Mechanicville NY
"I love Saratoga! My top picks are Starbucks on Broadway and Uncommon Grounds! The Circus Cafe is also really great for kids with fun food, cotton candy, and the whole deal."

(Please Note: Circus Cafe is no longer in business.)

Submitted By: Lenora, Saratoga Springs NY
"Don't forget Shakespeare in the Park! Donations accepted."

Submitted By: Emily, Upstate NY
"Hidden gems?? VIRGILS coffee far the coolest little coffee shop in Saratoga. The back room is literally a living room with awesome old couches and tons of board games and books. Plus a ton of cafe menu options... all awesome. RAVENOUS is also a total hidden gem....amazing, sophisticated food, made from scratch right down to the Moroccan mint tea. Plus both places are super reasonably priced. They totally get my vote."

(Please Note: Virgil's House is no longer in business.)

Submitted By: Carol Mitchell, Mississauga, ON
"Travers Stakes."

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