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Brazilian Blowout's advertise that it is 100% Formaldehyde Free in my opinion this is a misleading statement. Tests by Doug Schoon, a leading scientist and expert who works with state, federal and international regulators to develop beauty industry related standards and regulations with regards to safety, consumer testing and cosmetics registrations/regulations, says "Methylene Glycol is the key functioning ingredient used in most professional hair smoothing treatments currently on the market." "Formaldehyde is not a cosmetic ingredient and never has been; it is a gas that cannot be added to cosmetics, and only exists in tiny trace amounts. Misunderstanding the nature of Formaldehyde has led to the incorrect belief that 37% Methylene Glycol is the same as 37% Formaldehyde, when in fact, 37% Methylene Glycol contains only trace amounts of Formaldehyde; less than 0.05% to be precise.

When it comes to styling with Thermal Tools one of the important factors is the heat temperature says Sam Villa. On color treated hair opt for medium heat (392 degrees) too much heat can cause the cuticle to explode. This weakens the bonds of the color molecules, and causes them to wash away when the hair is shampooed. 

Thinking about a Brazilian Blowout? Think Twice. About 4 or 5 years ago I received an email from a stylist friend of ours that lives in Florida. Word has it that Florida is where the Brazilian Blowout first hit the USA. We'll our friend wrote that she was rushed to the hospital because she had trouble breathing and it was found that she was allergic to the chemical formaldehyde found in the service. I have had many emails sent to me over the years pertaining to the Brazilian Blowout. In some salons the stylist and the client wears a mask. Other salons have separate rooms where they do this service. Now I learned in British Columbia there is a Class Action Law Suit with over 1000 hairstylists. So if you ask us what do we think about the Brazilian Blowout? Our answer "Fugetaboutit


Now more than ever in every day life some try to speed things up and cut corners. Some people try the faster way of shampooing and conditioning their hair with 2 in 1 products, I don't recommend this for everyday use. Think for a second shampoo takes out and conditioners put in. How can they both work at the same time? In my opinion they don't. So, I recommend for daily use separately Shampoo and Condition your hair. If your in a hurry or at the gym then I recommend the 2 in 1.   

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