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Sometimes what may attract you to finding the right salon is one that is proactive in their community an example; Brooklyn Attitude Salon is Pawfect!
Brooklyn Attitude Hair & Body known as One of the Top Hot 100 Salons in America is also known for their love of animals. MaryAnn and Glenn have 11 cats and 1 dog. Many of their cats have been rescued by MaryAnn from alley-ways in Brooklyn.
Just recently MaryAnn rescued a mother cat and her kitten (see photo) from behind her salon. She brought the cats to Upstate Animal Medical Center where she noticed several cats and kittens up for adoption.
After speaking with Veterinarian Joy Lucas and her staff it seems that they are not adopting out as fast as the cats and kittens are coming in.
So MaryAnn decided to take action:
1) From now till Valentines Day, 2011 adopt a cat/kitten from Upstate Animal Medical       
2) Cats/Kitten must be up to date with their shots by Veterinarian Joy Lucas
3) Cats/Kitten must be Spayed or Neutered by Veterinarian Joy Lucas
4) Cat/Kitten owner must bring in a picture with their adopted Cat/Kitten, a Certificate of  
    Vaccinations and a Certificate of Spayed/Neutered from Upstate Animal Medical     
    Center; And, Cat/Kitten Owner/One Person will receive a $100.00 Gift Certificate.
    Gift Certificate can only be used on services preformed by MaryAnn or Glenn at
    Brooklyn Attitude Hair & Body located at 135 Ballston Avenue, Saratoga Springs.

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MaryAnn & Glenn Guerriero

MaryAnn and Glenn have been trained by some of the top hairstylists in the world. They have taken the philosophies, theories and techniques of these great stylists to create their own Brooklyn Attitude way. They have been recognized by their peers and the beauty profession for their uniqueness, talent and attitude landing them in many national consumer and professional publications. They have been Voted One of the Top Hot 100 Salons in America by "Salon City" 2008, 2009 & 2010.

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