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'Table for Two for 7:30': DZ Restaurants Now Accepting Reservations


When you want to make sure you can get a seat on a busy night, it's great to be able to call up a restaurant and make reservations. It's even more convenient to book a table online. And now DZ Restaurants are offering both options.

On weekends on or during the track season, dinner in Saratoga can be a guessing game - will the be a table available? How long is the wait? Can my large party be accommodated? etc.

Now the DZ restaurants, which include Chianti Il Ristorante and Forno Bistro in Saratoga Springs and Pasta Pane Rustic Italian Bistro in Clifton Park are accepting dinner reservations to help your dinner plans run smoothly.

Formerly, each restaurant had a "walk-ins only" policy, but as requests for reservations grew, the company decided to start filling tables both ways.

In addition to the conventional call-to-reserve tradition, DZ Restaurants will use OpenTable for free, real-time online restaurant reservations.

So impress your date and snag a spot on a busy night. Breeze past the waiting lines, give your name and proceed to your own selected table for a night of delectable dishes in Saratoga.

Do you think the new reservation policy is a good thing? Are you the plan-ahead-and-reserve type or more in favor of spontaneous walk-ins for dinner? Let us know your thoughts!

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