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New York State Pledges To Improve Horse Racing


Recently, New York State leaders announced that they will be reorganizing NYRA in order to "reform the association and transform oversight and management of horse racing in New York State." But what does this mean for the Saratoga Race Track?

Governor Andrew Cuomo, as well as the New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, and the New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sat down with NYRA to work out a way to ensure that New York stays committed to being a hub for racing.

The Governor explains that "with the structure of the gaming industry changing here in New York, the state also needs to take a new approach to how it manages and governs racing."

This new approach will be achieved as NYRA goes under temporary public control for the next 3 years. The NYRA reorganization board will be comprised of publicly appointed directors, as well as a Chairman who will be nominated by the Governor. After this time period is completed, NYRA will return to being controlled privately.

But ardent race goers need not fear! The Governor assures us that "the NYRA Reorganization Board will act in the interests of the members of the public who enjoy horse racing, the taxpayers who support it, and the horses themselves, to make racing in our state the strongest, safest and most enjoyable in the country."

It's too soon to say what changes the Saratoga Race Track may see under this new board, but tourists and locals alike can rest assured that the new board will be working to make horse racing better than ever.

What do you think think of the State stepping in to improve racing? Are you happy to see NYRA being reorganized?

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