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Comfort Kitchen To Serve Up Comfort Food In Saratoga


comfort-kitchen-dish.jpgSoon Saratoga will be home to a new restaurant serving up the most irresistible comfort foods known to mankind. Comfort Kitchen is located in the Saratoga Marketplace, and Chef-Owner Rory Moran graced Saratoga.com with an interview.

This interview covers everything from his inspiration for opening this new restaurant, to Comfort Kitchen menu items we can expect, to Rory's personal favorite comfort foods and more. You don't want to miss a thing!

Saratoga.com Interview With Rory Moran, Chef-Owner Of Comfort Kitchen In Saratoga

What inspired you to open "Comfort Kitchen" in Saratoga?

Comfort Kitchen has been brewing in my mind for years now. I've always taken great joy out of cooking food for people that they love and crave. The concept began about 4 years ago, and I couldn't be more excited that it is now becoming a reality.

What kinds of foods will the new restaurant offer? Have you established a menu yet?

The menu is inspired by food that I loved and ate when I was growing up. Comfort food to me is the food that you asked your mom to make on your birthday, or a food that evokes a memory from your childhood. Every dish is house made and based on local, seasonal ingredients.

Some of the dishes I'm most excited about are the 'Make your own' Mac & Cheese, Fresh Ground Burger, Tater Tots, Shrimp Po' Boy, House Maple Brined Turkey Sandwich, Donuts, and Milk & Cookies. I will also have rotating house made pastas, seasonal salads and soup specials.

comfort-kitchen-chicken.jpgHow do you feel about Comfort Kitchen's location in the Saratoga Marketplace?

I think it's a great location. The Saratoga Marketplace has a diverse selection of stores and customers, and I think that Comfort Kitchen will fit right in.

Your wife Lucy owns Lucia Boutique in the Saratoga Marketplace. Will she also be helping with your new restaurant?

Lucy has been a tremendous help and support throughout this whole process. She is an inspiration (not to mention there will be a salad named after her on the menu).

Does your wife cook as well, or do you handle most of the cooking at home?

Most nights we cook together. I get ideas from recent cookbooks I've been reading, and we love collaborating on dinners to make.

What is your background as a chef prior to Comfort Kitchen?

I've been working in restaurants since I was fifteen. For the past few years, I've been working in the kitchen at Max London's.

Comfort Kitchen will also offer catering. What kind of events would your catering options lend well to?

My food will lend well to more casual settings. Birthday parties, backyard barbecues, office lunches, cocktail parties, etc.

comfort-kitchen-soup.jpgHow would you respond to someone who thinks comfort food is just another name for junk food?

Junk food is made with junk ingredients. Food that is made with love and with quality ingredients, will always be good. You can still make dishes such as burgers and mac & cheese, while utilizing ingredients that are primarily local, seasonal and housemade.

What are you most excited about as Comfort Kitchen gets closer to opening?

I'm excited about the Farmer's Market opening. My location is great because I can visit the market twice a week and pick up the freshest ingredients.

Do you have an estimated opening date?

I'm hoping to open in mid-May. I will be having a grand opening event. The Saratoga Marketplace is also planning some great events for the Spring and Summer.

What are your personal favorite comfort foods?

My mom's spaghetti & meatballs, meatloaf and doughnuts.

Can you share photos of the kinds of comfort foods that might appear on the menu?

I've been posting photos of dishes I've been making on my twitter account, which is @ComfortEats.

A big part of my business will be interacting with customers through social media. Asking them for their comfort food memories and using those to create specials and new menu items.

The photos featured in this article were taken from the @ComfortEats Twitter account, and you can see a grid of recent images below...


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