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Pay the doctor only if he keeps you well ~

The beauty of Chinese Medicine is that it encompasses a total life style.
In China over a hundred years ago one only paid the doctor when he was well; if you got sick you didn't pay because the doctor had not done his job which was to keep you healthy. The doctor then treated you for free until you were well again. One would see the doctor on a regular basis for acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle guidance. This was the ultimate model for preventative medicine ~ I wonder how it would work today..

In the Chinese medical classics, Wind is said to carry 100 diseases and it invades through the back of the neck.  In the Chinese style of dress the collar of both jackets and dresses is up high to cover and thus protect the back of the neck. I would assume that the Indian Nehru jacket that we remember from the 60's had the same purpose.  When I first started studying Chinese Medicine my teachers were adamant about covering the back of the neck - even in the summer. Since I started following their advice I almost never get a cold and never the flu.   Children are very Yang so they usually feel warm and hate wearing their jackets but start them out early to always keep the back of their necks covered; even something as simple as a bandana in the summer - and be sure to wear one yourself.  This is also very important when in air conditioned buildings or cars.


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Tip: If a stray cat or dog arrives at your door and you welcome it into your home this kind act will bring you tremendous good karma.  Today when times are difficult and people can't afford to care for their pets ~ please help out if you can and please ask landlords to be more lenient. Then you will all share in the good karma.

Taboo: Never sleep in a bed without a solid headboard. The headboard symbolizes protection and without it you may feel that people do not support you or your projects.

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Wow, another TERRIFIC article. Very useful information and your suggestion about keeping the neck warm is certainly in sync with current fashion since scarves are really in.

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