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The X-Files Preservation Collection

Preserving the history of The X-Files
4284 NY-50 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 |
monster photo logo for the x-files preservation collection Check out The X-Files Preservation Collection at our brick and mortar location in Saratoga Springs.
outside the front door of the x-files preservation collection The museum opened in early 2022 and features thousands of pieces of The X-Files history.
two men and a woman standing in front of a door One of our goals is to highlight the people who created The X-Files.
screen used gun and fbi name tag props Fans of the show will recognize props and items from different episodes.
case files and images from the x-files We've collected everything from screen used props to set dressing and wardrobe.
alien cryopod from the x-files Get a close look at the screen used Alien Cryopod from the movie "Fight The Future."
three images of agent mulder and wardrobe from the x-files You'll find a variety of wardrobe pieces worn by the actors and stunt doubles.
wardrobe prop from the x-files We hope to preserve these items for the fandom to enjoy for years to come.
the x-files collectibles and more gifts in a store Be sure to stop by our retail shop during your visit.


The X-Files Preservation Collection in Saratoga Springs, NY, is home to possibly the world's largest collection of screen used props, wardrobe, and set dressing from The X-Files. The collection features thousands of pieces of The X-Files history.

What Is The X-Files Preservation Collection?

The purpose of The X-Files Preservation Collection is to preserve the history of The X-Files and pay tribute to those involved in the creation of this historic and groundbreaking show. By collecting, preserving, and sometimes even restoring props, wardrobe, and other pieces that are iconic to the show, we hope to educate visitors about The X-Files and expose new generations to it.

All of the pieces that we've acquired deserve to be properly preserved and displayed to fans, and that's why we founded our new museum in Saratoga Springs in early 2022.

Plan a Visit to This One-of-a-Kind Museum

Fun for both adults and kids, The X-Files Preservation Collection features all kinds of items from the show that fans will immediately recognize. Some of the more notable items include several pieces of furniture from Mulder's office, an alien cryopod from "Fight the Future," the burnt doll from the episode "Chinga," a suit worn by Mitch Pileggi as Skinner, and the tattered shirt worn by David Duchovny as Mulder in the episode "Field Trip."

In addition, we have a full retail shop with something for everyone and every fandom. All proceeds benefit our mission of preserving The X-Files and highlighting the people who created it.

For more info, visit our website today!

Upcoming Events

XFP FanFest 2024
9:00 AM to 10:00 PM at X-Files Preservation Collection 4284 NY-50  Saratoga SpringsNY  12866

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