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Bald Eagle On Ballston Lake

The excitement was contagious as Desiree Kelleigh of Good Times Restaurant told us about the bald eagle sighting at their restaurant overlooking Ballston Lake.

"My son Hugh saw it," she said, "And our executive chef saw it too. They were outside splitting wood, and it was right out on the ice. Then it started circling the restaurant!"

The bald eagle was spotted on April 5 at the Good Times but has not been seen there since. They are hoping to see it back again soon.

"It stuck around for over 30 minutes," said Desiree. "They tried to get pictures of it with their cell phones, but they didn't come out very well."

This is the second year in a row that the Good Times Restaurant has celebrated a visit from the bald eagle, Desiree told us.

"Last year he stuck around for two weeks straight," she said. "Everyone saw him, the delivery people, my whole family. It was absolutely amazing."

Desiree is hoping for another chance to see the eagle, explaining that she had missed it at the restaurant this year. She said others claim to have seen the bald eagle as well, on the south end of Ballston Lake, and many report large nestings on the outlet where the boat launches are.

Have you seen the bald eagle on Ballston Lake? Good Times Restaurant is offering a chance to win a "free lunch for two" for those who submit proof (photo, video, etc.) of having spotted the eagle this year.

Desiree wishes everyone, "Happy Birdwatching!"

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