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Prevention Council

Learn About The Prevention Council - A Saratoga Springs Not-For-Profit

The Prevention Council is a not-for-profit community agency that has served children, youth, and families throughout Saratoga County for over a quarter of a century. The agency provides education, information, and referral services in order to strengthen individuals, families, schools and communities to combat, reduce and overcome the damaging effects of destructive behaviors including alcohol and drug use, violence, delinquency and problem gambling. The Prevention Council offers a variety of school-based prevention programs throughout Saratoga County. All programs are taught by trained staff members who work closely with each school district to meet each school district's student and scheduling needs while also meeting New York State learning standards, and maintaining program effectiveness.

The Prevention Council's community programs include:

  • Problem Gambling Prevention
  • All Stars Camp
  • Cool Out of School
  • Risk and Responsibility classes for young adult offenders
  • Victim Impact Panels

In addition to the programs and services mentioned, the agency serves as the managing agent for local community coalitions, recovery advocacy and implements STOP DWI programs throughout Saratoga. These include are the Saratoga Partnership for Prevention and The Community Coalition for Family Wellness, Saratoga County Youth Action and Recovery Advocacy in Saratoga (RAIS).

  • The Saratoga Partnership for Prevention is a coalition of community leaders, organizations, and citizens interested in decreasing youthful substance use, developing better relationships between youth and adults, building family and community norms against drug use, and maximizing the efforts of the various human service agencies in the upstate New York community of Saratoga Springs.
  • The Community Coalition for Family Wellness (CCFW) established in 2010 as a response to several teen deaths in the community. Initial work focused on suicide prevention and as a strong foundation was built, their attention expanded to include other risky behaviors such as alcohol and illegal drug use. Since its inception, CCFW has actively sought to involve the community in promoting healthy decision-making for by providing information and activities that adhere to this mission. The coalition is funded through The Drug Free Communities Support Program (DFC)-a federal grant program that provides funding to community based coalitions that organize to prevent youth substance use.
  • Saratoga County Youth Action is a network of youth groups throughout the county whose focus is to encourage their peers and community to make healthy life choices. Supported by Saratoga County STOP-DWI, youth action clubs take on leadership roles and advocate for change within their school districts. This collaboration includes Students Against Destruction Decisions (SADD), National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI), Positive Edge, Above the Influence and Sources of Strength (SOS).
  • Recovery Advocacy in Saratoga (RAIS) started through an inspiration provided by the film “The Anonymous People”, and like other Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) across the country it began with a conversation about new solutions and the agreement that our area needed a voice of recovery to reduce the stigma of addiction and promote wellness in long-term recovery by changing public perception of the disease and those affected by it.

The mission of RAIS is to eliminate the stigma associated with addiction by promoting long-term recovery as a life affirming movement to unite communities and families.

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Contact the Prevention Council for more information or to make a donation:
The Prevention Council
125 High Rock Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: (518) 581-1230

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