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Nutrition Response Testing

The Natural Health Improvement Center Welcomes Aimee M. Hetzer, Clinical Nutritionist

Aimee HetzerHello, my name is Aimee Hetzer and I have recently moved to this area from Westchester NY. You might be asking yourself what brings me up here from Westchester. Well, it is my belief we all have a passion and a purpose to serve our community. It is my deepest passion to educate and promote how all of us can restore our health naturally that has lead me to this wonderful town. I am excited to announce I have joined the staff of Natural Health Improvement Center here in Glens Falls! I have a Master Certification in Nutrition Response Testing, which makes me one of only 140 in the country trained to this level.

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Simply put, Nutrition Response Testing is a very precise, scientific, non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health, and placing a person on a personalized program of whole food nutritional supplements and diet to allow the body to repair itself. It will discover the malfunctioning systems of the body and the nutritional deficiency or toxins causing it.

Is It Accurate?

With this method of testing, there is no guessing involved. The individual's body will help to determine the exact nutrients the patient needs to supplement in his or her diet in order to bring about balance and better health.

According to Dr. Freddie Ulan, the originator of the technique, "N.R.Testing enables us to test each patient at a core level and identify the real causes of dis-function. We can now correct the root of the problem using time tested nutritional protocols that are safe, sensible and economic, which produce the results we have always felt were possible for our patients."

"Nutrition Response Testing is a medical muscle testing system grounded in solid science. It is today probably the fastest and least invasive way to accurately detect food allergies, geopathic and biophysical stress, interference fields, stressed organs and structures, emotional blocks, heavy metal toxicity, dental problems, environmental toxicity and more."
- Dr. Joseph Mercola D.C.
Chicago, Illinois

How Can I Get Tested?

To see if you qualify as a Nutritional Response Testing candidate please call The Natural Health Improvement Center of Glens Falls at 518-745-7473 or email us at . Call before April 1st to receive a FREE initial Consultation and Health Analysis.

Wishing You Abundant Health,

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Aimee M Hetzer

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