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20 Years Never Tasted Better!

Saratoga's Bread Basket Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary

Hot Chocolate and CookiesSARATOGA SPRINGS, NY - The Bread Basket is celebrating 20 years of fresh baking! Joan Tallman was ever popular among her friends for her baked goods, and no sooner was she giving her baking to her friends than she had to buy a second oven and was supplying three local farmers markets!

Today, Joan and her staff of 6 still bake everything fresh daily with no preservatives or pre-mixed ingredients, and all day old baked goods that they don't sell they give to the local food pantry.She learned the craft from her Swedish grandmother, a cook by trade.

She opened the shop in 1990 and hasn't looked back, moving to the current, larger location on Spring Street in 1993. The current location has gotten bigger - there is a new patio, and an even larger freezer in the back. Breakfast, lunch and dessert are all wrapped up in one place, a sinful convenience.

Now there are even more choices for dessert - from the cupcakes and pastries to the ever-expanding cake department, with fondant! All year long is a celebration for the Bread Basket Bakery with a fresh look, fresh specials and occasional live music on weekends.

So go and enjoy the party!

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