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Saratoga Open House Ideas & Tips

real estate agent familySelling your home in Saratoga? Open house ideas and tips from make for a smoother open house day and a faster home sale!

Real Estate Tip #4: Get Off the Set!

You effectively cleaned, de-cluttered, neutralized and staged your home, and now you have a beautiful showcase for potential buyers to admire. Now all you have to do is keep in mind that you are not part of the show!

  • If you are working with a real estate agent, you should not be present on open house day. Potential buyers will feel more comfortable to express their true feelings and opinions without you there.

    Also, buyers want to see your home--all of it. They want to open your cupboards, your closets, your refrigerator. They may feel uncomfortable browsing your home and making honest comments if you are still lurking nearby!

    Ask the agent to report back to you with people's comments, especially any areas that you can still improve if your house stays on the market any length of time.

  • If you are selling your home yourself, welcome potential buyers warmly, let them know you are available for questions, hand them your marketing materials, and then let them wander.

    Don't 'tour' them. This will leave them free to discuss the plusses and minuses of the home amongst themselves and form their own opinions. You can find several websites on the do's and don'ts of selling a home yourself. Read up before your first open house to maximize the potential of this crucial day.

By storing away the clutter, cleaning up the cobwebs, de-personalizing your home of items and decorating choices, and then setting the stage for future buyers to envision themselves there, selling your home in Saratoga Springs could be easier than you think!

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