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Saratoga Home Selling Tips

southwestern decor living roomSelling your home can be easy with these great tips Saratoga home selling tips. Discover how a few simple changes or upgrades can really make a difference at open house. Find a Saratoga real estate broker here.

Real Estate Tip #2: Cater to the Crowd!

You want each homebuyer to easily envision him or herself in your home. To make this possible, you've got to cater to the largest audience possible. Here's how:

  • Neutralize Your Home

    People of all tastes, preferences, backgrounds and genders will be viewing your home. Now that the clutter is cleared away, you'll need to focus on toning down your decorating choices.

    Repaint walls with neutral colors, and lose the frills. Get rid of that deer head above the fireplace, those flowery curtains on the windows, the shamrock inspired border, and, yes, even the sports memorabilia. Let buyers see themselves in your home instead.

    Daring colors, ethnic undertones and gender-specific decorations can really limit your home's impact on potential buyers. Choosing a neutral color palate and conservative decor means your house will appeal to a much wider audience.
  • Go With the Flow

    Get familiar with the current market and try to identify the major trends. If you learn that local buyers are interested in hardwood floors, granite countertops and tiled bathrooms, you may want to consider incorporating some of these into your home before the sale.

    Don't be afraid to spend a little to get a lot. If you have what's in demand, you will increase the value of your home and can list it at a higher price. Plus, you'll have multiple offers from people who will walk in and gasp, "This is exactly what I was looking for!"
  • Define Each Space

    Don't leave homebuyers guessing what each room is. Is it an office? Is it a fitness room? Is it a sitting room? Is it a bonus room? Define it for them! Furniture and fittings help guests effectively identify each space, so choose accordingly. And don't let any room double as another room because this detracts from its observable functionality and confuses potential buyers.
  • Out With the Old

    Tired furniture, frumpy bedding, rusty fixtures, faded curtains and other problem household items should be swapped out for fresh replacements.

    Fresh doesn't necessarily mean new. Replacing furniture can get expensive, but properly fitting slipcovers work wonders! You can also look at renting furniture temporarily, and there are many great finds at local estate sales, garage sales, second-hand stores and flea markets. If you do spring for new, try to purchase only items that will transition easily into your new home, yet still look great in the old one.

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