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beautiful countryside with a large farmhouse surrounded by fall foliage

Vermont is known for its natural landscapes, fall foliage, farms and agriculture, maple syrup production, covered bridges, and skiing amenities, among many other fine attributes.

The state is home to Lake Champlain, the sixth-largest body of fresh water in the country, and the Green Mountains – many of which are easily accessed by the public via a road or trail.

Definitely make a stop to pick up some of the famous maple syrup before driving back to Saratoga. Vermont is the top leader in the nation of maple products – not just syrup, but maple candy, maple tea, maple ice cream, and so much more.

If taking the drive during the fall, have your camera ready, because fall foliage is one of the main attractions to Vermont. Millions of acres of trees turn amazing shades of red, orange, and gold every year.

With quiet country roads, quaint villages, picturesque farms, charming bed and breakfasts, and so much more, you won’t regret taking a drive to this great state we’re lucky to be right on the border of.