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Saratoga Spa State Park Trails

saratoga spa state park trail mapSaratoga Spa State Park is home to some of Saratoga's most popular attractions: the mineral springs, SPAC, and the beautiful Victoria & Peerless pools. These popular attractions are often what draw so many people to the park, locals and visitors alike.

However, winding throughout the grounds are wonderful nature trails perfect for relaxing walks and bike rides spring, summer and fall, as well as snowshoeing during the winter months.

The Trails

Two new multi-use recreational trails were implemented in 2015. One extends the existing trail that begins at the Avenue of the Pines. It lies along Route 9/South Broadway and links East West Road to Gideon Putnam Road. This new trail loop within the park increases the park's association to the community. There is also a paved multi-use trail that loops around the Peerless Pool Complex. It is approximately one mile and can be accessed via East West Road or the Karista Trail.

In addition to the newly implemented trails, there are several others throughout the park.

The Ferndell Trail is a great pathway for a nature walk. It can be quickly accessed via North Side Road within the park.

Picnicing near Geyser Picnic Area? Take a walk on the Karista Trail which can be accessed just northeast of the Peerless Pool complex.

The State Park's Wetland Trail is located in the southeast portion of the park. There is a parking lot that provides access to the trail.

The Geyser Creek Trail is just east of SPAC and provides for a scenic walk through nature.

The Hemlock Trail is a 1.1 mile loop through the park on the other side of Broadway. It winds through forests, wetlands and fields. For the most part, the terrain is flat with some streams running through it.

The next time you visit Saratoga Spa State Park take some time to explore the trails and discover your favorite.