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Saratoga Spa State Park Nature Trails

Enjoy the many nature trails found throughout the Saratoga Spa State Park.

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map of trails

Saratoga Spa State ParkFerndell Trail

Centrally located, this nature trail is quickly accessed via North Side Road within the Saratoga Spa State Park borders.

Geyser Creek Trail

This trail is found right just east of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center parking lot within the park.

Karista Trail

Saratoga Spa State Park's Karista Trail is accessed close to the Geyser Picnic Area, just northeast of the Peerless Pool Complex.

Peerless Loop

Start the loop by the Peerless Pool Complex. The loop connects to Karista Trail.

Wetland Trail

The State Park's Wetland Trail is located in the southwest portion of the park. There is a parking lot right in front of the trail.

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