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Things to Do in Saratoga Spa State Park

A trip to Saratoga isn't complete without a visit to Saratoga Spa State Park!

Located at 19 Roosevelt Drive in Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Spa State Park offers tons of great activities within a short driving distance of the city's downtown. This beautiful spot is not only full of fun things to do throughout the year, but is recognized as a National Historical Landmark for its historical and cultural significance. From golfing to nature trails and everything in between, here are some of our favorite activities and must-sees at the park!

reflecting pool in saratoga spa state park with fall foliagePhoto Credit: Gail Stein, Frozen Moments

Exciting & Diverse Sports

Did you know Saratoga Spa State Park has its own golf course? The Saratoga Spa Golf Course, surrounded by woodland and open from March to late November, features an 18-Hole Championship Course, 9-Hole Par 3 Course, and a tee driving range.

You can even try your hand at disc golf, a fun frisbee golf game the whole family can enjoy! Steadily growing in popularity over the past decade, the game works just like golf, but the objective is to throw your frisbee into the 'hole,' or basket. The disc golf course circles Spa State Park's Peerless Pool, which is a great spot for cooling off in the summertime.

Depending on the time of year, visitors can also have fun enjoying ice skating, fishing, tennis, and even ice hockey.

Multi-Use Trails

snowshoe race in saratoga spa state park Photo by

The park features six beautiful nature trails that you can enjoy any season of the year! Runners, walkers, bikers, and hikers love the tranquility and convenience of Saratoga Spa State Park's numerous pathways and loops. If you're unfamiliar with the park's layout, you can print out a map, or visit the Park Office for more information.

Here for the winter? Saratoga Spa State Park is your destination for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing! Explore 12 miles of scenic trails ranging in difficulty, then warm up at the warming hut.

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Mineral Springs

a spring alongside a trail in saratoga spa state park Photo credit: Alan Nudi

On your next expedition through Saratoga Spa State Park, remember to check out the mineral springs! Of the 21 public mineral springs in Saratoga, this park is home to 12 of them. But what's the deal with Saratoga's springs, anyway?

Saratoga is famous for its mineral springs, said to provide a number of health benefits and curative properties. The naturally carbonated water has drawn countless visitors to the region over the last few centuries. The springs at Saratoga Spa State Park are located throughout the property, along its accessible trails and pathways.

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Plan Your Visit

The basic entrance fee is $10 per vehicle, $10 per special event vehicle, $35 per non-profit bus, and $75 per commercial bus. Fees are collected on weekends in May up to Memorial Day Weekend, daily from the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day, and on weekends from the weekend after Labor Day through Columbus Day.

There are additional fees for snowshoeing, swimming, and golfing. Purchase an Empire Pass ($80 for a card) for unlimited day-use entry at most State Parks and State Dept. of Environmental Conservation facilities.

Picnic shelters can be reserved in advance for fees ranging from $125 - $300. Call 518-584-2000 x113 for pavilion availability and applications. Wedding/special use permits are also available for $250.

Call Saratoga Spa State Park at (518) 584-2535 for information on all fees and seasonal hours of operation.

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