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Time For Valentines!

Living Well Healing Arts CenterLearn the key to your Valentine's heart this year! This advice for ways to keep the romance alive this Valentine's Day is brought to you by Reisa Mehlman, Director at Living Well Healing Arts Center & Spa in Ballston Spa Village NY. Visit their website for a list of healthful and relaxing services, great gift ideas and more.

"Without a doubt, thoughtfulness is one of the most valuable things when it comes to gift giving."

Chocolates, jewelry, flowers and cards; cherubs, hearts and the color red. These are the hallmarks of, and what comes to mind when we think of Valentine's Day. Although we know that we should do special things for our loved ones on each and every day of the year, it's nice to have a day set aside when this becomes our focus.

Of course traditional flowers and chocolates are wonderful – we'd never turn those away! and Valentine's wouldn't be complete without them; but we all enjoy finding ways to express our feelings in an original manner. So, I thought... What's new? What's different? What says "I love you" best? ...and began to list the most important things.

First, the list contained tangible items, but then, it began to change. Suddenly, I realized there were underlying ideas behind the material gifts – such as: Thoughtfulness. Without a doubt, thoughtfulness is one of the most valuable things when it comes to gift giving. It says that we care enough to think ahead, plan and execute. It requires our attention and our time. And then it hit me: Our time. Today, time has to be one of the most precious offerings a person can give, since time seems to be that thing that's often hardest to find! Now, I had it: A precious offering so valuable that it cannot be found in any store, cannot be quantified in numbers and has no form to which a price tag could be affixed, and yet, it is something that is within our power to give – to others and to ourselves.

When we take time to care for ourselves, we find that we create a greater sense of well being and we feel healthier. When we take time to care for our loved ones, we create lasting memories that enriches our lives and this also creates health and well being. Both of these things are invaluable contributions to our quality of life. So, how can we use this precious gift of time in a unique way that says, “I love you” and has lasting impact?

Couples' massage or spa treatments are a great way to spend relaxing, romantic time together and they can be followed by a quiet lunch or dinner. This makes for a terrific time to reconnect – since we are more open and renewed after a massage, facial or pedicure. These kinds of gifts are great because they have a lasting effect.

Unique and romantic Valentine's Day gift ideas can be as simple as taking a bath together at home, or by visiting one of the local, mineral baths or spas and taking a few hours in the afternoon or evening to enjoy the peace. Aroma therapeutic bath salts and essential oils make a wonderful addition to any bath and can be a nice add-on as a thoughtful prelude to the shared experience. High quality mineral salts combined with essential oils can be purchased at any number of local gift shops, spas, health food or department stores and are excellent for your skin as well as your psyche.

Whether it's trying something that you've never done before, or enjoying something that is a perennial favorite, enjoy the moments you spend on Valentines with your loved ones! Remember that time can be the most precious thing to give! So, when I say, "Time for Valentines," it's truly "Time for Valentines"!

Article by:
Reisa Mehlman
Living Well
Healing Arts Center & Spa
18 Low Street
Ballston Spa Village

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